Monday, April 6, 2015

Rumor mill about Walker, lobbyists and the DNR was accurate

The Walker operation is leakier than you'd think.

On February 15, I wrote:
Walker is said to be about to move into his office/into a new position a trusted agency deputy to oversee an overhaul of the troubled, Walker-created-and-chaired WEDC - - now getting national attention for its failed jobs' agenda and internal chaos - - and its merger with WHEDA. 
Also back and rumored, with a twist - - this earlier item about a top corporate and advocacy lobbyist in line for a senior Walker appointment, but perhaps at an agency like the PSC and not the DNR.
Glad the Journal Sentinel went after the records:
Gov. Scott Walker's administration considered giving a top natural resources position this year to a lobbyist for a company proposing a massive iron mine, but backed off because of a federal law barring conflicts of interest.
Records show that Walker's staff was considering Gogebic Taconite lobbyist and spokesman Bob Seitz for the post of deputy secretary of the Department of Natural Resources...
Seitz ended up getting a different appointment from Walker, with the Public Service Commission...
The company, which successfully lobbied for changes in state iron mining laws, funneled $700,000 to Wisconsin Club for Growth. The group helped Walker and Republicans survive recall elections in 2011 and 2012 and helped ensure the Senate had the votes to pass a bill easing mining regulations...
I also noted in November, 2013 that Seitz has lobbied for both GTac and the Koch brothers' outfit Americans for Prosperity.

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CJ said...

Not to mention, he was still registered as a lobbyist for several days after his appointment to the PSC.

Once the blue blogs started writing about it, he was moved to resign.