Monday, April 6, 2015

About Walker's 'absence of deviousness and calculation'

The New York Times deals with Scott Walker's out-of-proportion claim to Ronald Reagan's mantle, but still gives Walker a pass on some obvious gaps in the 'I'm the new Ronald Reagan' identity theft.

Careful followers of Walker's flip-flopping will notice how he has changed his story with some subtle, almost undetectable back-walking about how it came to be that he was allowed to hold Reagan's treasured family Bible:

He said he had visited Reagan’s California ranch and presidential library, and asked to see the family Bible that Reagan used to take the oath of office. He also described a treasured visit with Mrs. Reagan. (Mrs. Reagan declined to be interviewed, but a spokeswoman said she was “intrigued by Governor Walker and is looking forward to hearing more about him and from him as a potential presidential candidate.”)
Note the phrase "asked to see the family Bible..." and compare it to the original version of the story as told by Walker to adoring audiences not too long ago: 
"One of the other great privileges I had, that was unbeknownst to me, that they had set up, was, we came around the corner on the tour, before I gave a speech to about a thousand people at the library, and the curator there, had, I see him and he's got white gloves and he's got something in his hand.
Note also in the original story that the staff sure did put the lie to Walker's claim that all this took place without his input, or "unbeknownst to me." 
Gov. Walker requested to view the Bible while he was at the Library for a speaking engagement. The Bible is periodically removed from exhibit in order to rotate the pages on display. We decided to remove the Bible the day Gov. Walker was in town to comply with his request, took the Bible back to collections after the photo, and re-installed it on exhibit a few days later.
This is why the original story was posted by The Progressive with the wonderful headline:
And with that in mind, remembering Walker's penchant for secrecy - - his surprises in his latest proposed budget that recast and redefined and is already producing layoffs through buyouts across the UW system. 

Also remember, separately, that budget would also hand more power to his pro-corporate appointees by surprisingly ending the environmental policy-making role of the long-standing Natural Resources Board.

And also remember the false statements he has made regarding the secretive, Act 10 collective-bargaining bomb which he dropped on public employees in 2010 - - as well as his PolitiFact fully-false/fully true ratio of more than 2-to-1 - - so could the Times please find an observer less sycophantically misleading than Patrick Buchanan to utter this absolutely ridiculous whopper about who Walker is and how he operates: 
“Also, there seems about Walker — and I do not say this pejoratively — a simplicity, an absence of calculation and deviousness, that is attractive to voters looking for someone fresh and honest to believe in.”


Anonymous said...

It's not just NYT that is giving Scott Walker a pass on the stories that matter. The Wisconsin media has been doing it for years.

At least NYT is not officially endorsing him, nor is it likely they will.

I don't understand why some want to point their fingers at the national media and not aggressively pursue that the local media tell these stories in a coherent fashion. Why should NYT or any other national media go into the details of Scott Walker's record in Wisconsin, including the criminal investigations behind his ascent to power, if people are not holding the in-state media accountable.

Calling out the media in Wisconsin from time to time is a start, but it will not change anything. People are seriously mistaken if they think the national media is going to vet Scott Walker in a meaningful way if we don't raise hell with the media in Wisconsin that cheers him on.

Raven said...

Over the past 40 years, the purportedly "liberal" news media have been more and more very deliberately acquired or otherwise manipulated by the wealthy right, a process started by Nixon Administration alumni. By this time it should not come as a surprise to anyone. Anyone who claims mainstream news is still "liberal" should be answered by a list of names that starts with Bill O'Reilly.