Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wisconsin man wishes people would quit being all civil rightsy

Hey, stop complaining, second-class citizens, says a man with a legal defense fund and big-time counsel to protect his rights.

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Anonymous said...

Now this is actually an important story that the media in Wisconsin has never covered and the national media is unlikely too. You're presentation of the idea is great -- a bit snarky -- but Walker (and folks like him) deserve to be mocked over this.

But its an important and factual story that should be told in a more journalistic narrative too: Scott Walker has spent 1 million dollars to protect the "civil rights" he thinks he has and willing breaks laws that have sent others to prison. He expects to do this with impunity. He expects out-of-state multinational corporate interests to bail him out.

Your rights, however, as a worker, woman, LGBT, free speech for the common person, or local community trying to protect & promote the common good -- mean nothing to Walker. He is taking those all away from you.

How can we get this message out? Being pointed and snarky works here -- can we get anyone else in the media to tell this story honestly and with a flat/nonbiased tone?

This is an very good observation, James.