Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wash Post slams Jeb for 'dark money,' misses Walker Doe II

[Updated, 12:20 p.m.] The Washington Post concentrates its editorial board concern about secretive, big donor dark money and allegations of campaign finance wrong-doing on Jeb Bush, but missed a chance to tell its readers that this is the second time such questions have been raised about Scott Walker.

And missed telling readers that the Walker matter, known as John Doe II, is alive in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The case, and an incomplete investigation by multiple prosecutors, aimed to nail down whether big money was illegally raised and spent in Walker's 2012 campaigning.

The case comes with an additional cloud because some of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices' campaign committees over the years reported big-dollar, third-party donations from groups which also donated heavily to the Walker campaign.

And at least two large donations by mining and hardware retail interests unearthed in the probe have been tied to favorable environmental and financial actions in Wisconsin by agencies under Walker's control, Yahoo News has reported.

Coincidentally, a former top aide to then-Milwaukee County Executive Walker surrendered yesterday to begin serving a sentence for felonious campaigning and fund-raising on public time. 

That operation which benefited Walker and an allied campaign took place right under Walker's nose in his County Courthouse office suite. Six Walker aides, associates or donors were charged by the Milwaukee County DA in what was known as John Doe I, which, in turn, led to the broader John Doe II probe still unresolved and fought to a standstill by Walker and his allies.

The Post editorial board may justify its focus on Bush believing he is the GOP front-runner, though some polls show Walker leading or with significant strength.

Media should stop giving scant attention to Walker, allowing his well-financed machine to fly under the radar.


Anonymous said...

This is a tell. Not reporting the criminality just shows the fix is in. Those that proclaim Walker cannot stand national scrutiny are missing the point. Just like Wisconsin media will not publish coherent, comprehensive, detailed, and truthful stories on Walker's corruption and criminality.

Anonymous said...

National media is not "missing" anything. They are part of covering it up. It is very disappointing to hear some proclaim that Scott Walker can't handle the national media when, actually, they are playing us. Anti-Walker folks grab little meaningless stories in the national media an mistakenly hold them up as "proof" that the national media will actually report facts about Scott Walker.

This perspective is delusional and will not help us get the word out: Walker is a corporate shill and divisive government by surprise is going to be a disaster is he gets in the White House.

And, with the help of media that will not tell the truth about important stories, he can be catapulted into the White House by hook or crook.