Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walker, UW's staff, budget-killer, rides Final Four bandwagon

Hypocrisy (details here) in 140 characters:
We're going to the ! I couldn't be prouder of @BadgersMBB team. Two straight trips to and now the finals! -SKW
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Anonymous said...

Walker continues to throw the proverbial turd into the Wisconsin punch bowl. The out-of-state rightwing extremists crowd he panders to love it. In-state, many have yet to learn that it's not a Baby Ruth bar that is floating in the punch bowl.

That latest tweet is to make him look like he has indeed tossed a Baby Ruth bar into the punch bowl.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

What do you mean "We", Gov Dropout?

Sue said...

Oh dear, many of the replies to this tweet are not respectful of our esteemed governor.

Anonymous said...

Scooter has absolutely no business showing pride in anything associated with UW. He needs to shut his face.

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite...........he guts the U W system but wants to ride on the coat tails of their athletic teams! He only supports a program if he can benefit politically from it.