Friday, April 3, 2015

Walker ranks 40th as jobs-creator, 1st as cheap clothes buyer

Media are noting that Wisconsin's Emperor wears no clothes, except for a cheap sweater.

So he's qualified to be Secret-Shopper-in-Chief, but Commander-in-Chief, or Job-Creator-in-Chief - - no way.

Yes, Walker could have actually bought a sweater for one dollar, but the true facts that he flunked his big job-creation promise and pushed the state down to 40th in the nation for states' job growth are a helluva lot more important.

We in Wisconsin have long known about Walker's talent for pulling the wool over voter and media  eyes - - the fresh data about his jobs-fail story is a couple of weeks old and has been years in the making- - but it's good to see that more news outlets are catching on.


Anonymous said...

You cannot credibly chastise Scott Walker for "pulling the wool over voter and media eyes". The media, and especially the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" is complicit launching Scott Walker into successively higher levels of power. They are doing what they can to propel him into the White House next.

There was absolutely no legitimate reason to "fact check" a clothing purchase. Each and every one of Scott Walker's pants-on-fire, false, and mostly false statements are on real issues that matter. When PolitiFact rates Walker "TRUE" it is over such softball statements like:

Six of the nation’s 10 wealthiest counties, "according to median income, are in and around the Washington, D.C. area."

"The president of the United States came in the Tuesday before the election in a ward that went 99% for him in the last election and they couldn't even (increase) the vote there."

Wisconsin is called the Badger State because "our ancestors came here with the hopes of living the American dream by mining."

Take these and the cheap clothing story out of the ratings and FULLY HALF of Walker's ratings are pants-on-fire, false, or mostly false!

MJS is doing 2 dishonest things today:

1. They are raising Walker's dismal percentage of TRUE ratings by including a meaningless campaign stunt.

2. They are catapulting the propaganda that Walker is a "regular joe" despite the fact he has somehow become a multimillionaire on elected official salaries that mathematically cannot produce this wealth. "Regular Joes" don't get millions and millions of dollars from out-of-state multinational corporate interests. "Regular Joes" do not get criminally investigated for excessive campaign donations, campaigning on the taxpayer's dime, and for illegally coordinating excessive donations across groups that are violating tax-exempt statuses.

Walker is one of the most dishonest politicians in the country though PolitiFact is lying about this by rating those that tell the true of his scorecard "pants-on-fire" for the disingenuous reasoning that, since PolitiFact didn't intend these ratings to be used this way, they will flame and attack you for speaking the truth about their ratings.

We cannot elect public servants, which is what our elected officials swear to be, that will serve the public until we hold the media accountable for the sheer depth and dishonesty of the pro-republican media lies.

Anonymous said...

Keeping with the theme that Walker's true role model is Nixon, we'll soon hear him talking about his wife's "Republican cloth coat."

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

This comment is probably not up to Political Environment standards and is definitely off topic. However, the latest Scott Walker pander needs publicity and scorn. Who in their right mind would wager Cheese, brats and ROOT BEER???? My guess is that the Governor of Kentucky is hoping for a win for reasons other than the prestige of playing in the Big Dance. Governor Walker is praying for a Badgers loss so he doesn't have to accept the case of Kentucky Bourbon. It would jeopardize his naked attempt to politically indulge the Temperance Union. GO BADGERS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this SPRECHER root beer? They are the pro-Walker knobs that provided specially-labeled beer to Walker's brat fry at the Governor's after the recall election, proclaiming that now we were all "one" and united.

This was a lie then and I would never buy another Sprecher product again -- I would encourage others to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

As an avid beer drinker thanks for the heads up on Sprecher. Too bad...but there are other brands to buy.