Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meddling in Iran deal, Walker schooled by Obama

President Obama reminds people that Scott Walker doesn't know what he's talking about.


Anonymous said...

Just what America needs, another chickenhawk war president, endless wars, austerity for the masses and billions and billions for multinational corporate interests mostly directly tied to the military-industrial-media complex.

And make no mistake about it. Folks willing to represent multinational corporate interests that have no loyalty to any community, state, or nation are a dime a dozen. It takes powerful media propaganda to make a shill like Walker a Governor and now a top candidate for POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Especially easy to school someone who's a college dropout.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker in the White House? Be afraid. Be very, very, very afraid.

From Juan Coles:

'Scott Walker, the far right wing governor of Wisconsin, pledged to “blow up” any deal with Iran if he became president, regardless of what the Europeans thought of that, and to do it on his first day in office.'

'Walker doesn’t seem to understand that releasing Iran from its obligations under the Kerry-Zarif deal while undermining international sanctions against Iran would put the ayatollahs in the catbird seat! Ignoring the Europeans may play well as a sound bite to conservatives, but the Europeans would take revenge for being jerked around by refusing to revive sanctions against Iran. Iran is a country of 77 million people with a gdp of some $400 billion, and as a market has the same attractions as Poland. European firms want to invest in Iran, and have only been held back by a their governments, who want to give the USA a chance to succeed in diplomacy. If the US demonstrates that it has no interest in diplomacy, why should European companies deny themselves a primo investment opportunity? Hint: They won’t.
So, just to recap: The usually flamboyant Ted Cruz has been more cautious and circumspect than Scott Walker in his reaction to the Iran deal. Walker used the unfortunate phrase “blow up” about a nuclear negotiation and does not seem to understand how international sanctions work, nor that unilateral US sanctions wouldn’t much hurt Iran...'


Raven said...

Scott Walker stepped out of the sandbox where he'd had a very nice little career as the biggest bully, and tried to fight with bigger boys, only to get his nose bloodied out in the real world.

Oh, poor Wanker!