Sunday, July 5, 2015

Walker tweets, hopes everyone missed the real July 4th story

The big political story in Wisconsin on July 4th was:
Media, activists achieve independence from Big Government/GOP legislative leaders' open records power grab to serve Walker, insiders.
While a tone-deaf,distracting Walker - - long a friend of Big Government - - ironically wrote:

  1. "The founders did not declare their independence from one big government only to create another"


CJ said...

Scott Walker-
Read this:

Anonymous said...

I still can't wrap my head around why Walker in his quest to quash access to public records would include former staff and employees of government agencies from commenting on government issues. Is it possible that the Cindy Archer lawsuit will open up lots of avenues to cross examine staffers and employees from Walker's days as County Executive and perhaps the early days of his governorship that might show his ownership of the secret e- mail system and other corruptions that have been here to for locked up in the John Doe proceedings? It just seems strange and stupid that he would attempt to shut down access to government records and forbid staff and employee expressions as of July 1st. Was this to make sure nothing could be released or at least be tied up in court once he begins his run for the presidency. We'll see come this week just how willing Walker, Vos, Fitzgerald, Nygren and Darling are to have open and transparent, accountable government when they are asked to name those responsible for the public records fiasco and who wrote the proposal and how the process was played out!

Bill Sell said...

A quick scan of JFC Motion 999, here are some items:

GOing, going GONE. Our representation in County government will now be by autocrat. The GOP is determined to undermine any voice but Chris Abele's in County government. And here is the document that guts our vote. Pages 23-24 #67. All decisions in the County are now Mr. Abele's. For you fans of the County Exec, his troubles may have just begun.

In addition to the County, other items that caught my eye:

Page 11 #31, the end of Wisconsin Open Meetings law as it pertains to the Legislature. Because it is retroactive to July 1, 2015, it covers last-minute budget negotiations, such as this one #31.

Page 18 #56, the ending of the law requiring a day of rest every 7 days, allows a worker to "volunteer" to work the 7th day.

Page 19 #58, is the minimum wage lowered? In any case it appears frozen.

my5cents said...

What exactly is he talking about when he says "freedom from one big government?" Seems to me England only had a Queen and a King. Not exactly big (powerful, but not big). What they had was religious tyranny and high taxation on all regardless of income or ability to pay. That is what the people escaped from. That is what our founding fathers prevented here by creating a government with separation of church and state and a progressive taxing system. But people like Walker keep wanting to put religion into government and making the poor pay more in taxes than the rich.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't 'big' government, Scooter, but rather an repressive one* that our founders declared independence from. Kind of like what we've got going on in Wisconsin under your rule.

*Numerous examples of the abuses of power can be found in the Declaration of Independence (in case you haven't read it).

Anonymous said...

Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald statement said "It was never intended to inhibit transparent government in any way." One word - BULLSHIT! They wanted to throttle the law in order to hide their corruption. However, we should be offended that if by some minor chance this was not their intention to hide their malfeasance. Why you ask? Because if they do not understand the consequences of their actions, they are too stupid to make law. Any way you measure it, this reflects poorly on GINO Walker.