Saturday, July 18, 2015

Leading from behind, Walker finally criticizes Trump

Walker was content to yuk it up with Sean Hannity the other day after Donald Trump was slurring Mexicans, but now that Trump has disparaged John McCain, Walker is right there with the pack saying that Trump is out of bounds.

Which Trump certainly was - - and his condemnation will be deservedly universal - - but Walker''s umbrage would be more authentic had he been leading the Trump critics from the front.


my5cents said...

Having been married to a veteran, someone who actually fought in a war, I find Trump's comments about Senator McCain outright sickening and disgusting. Trump is nothing more than a big mouth pompous bloviator and should be treated as such by all. I might not agree with McCain on many things but I would still never disparage him. He deserves the respect he has earned as a war hero.

Anonymous said...

It would be a stretch to say that Walker supports veterans after Operation Freedom:

And after cutting veterans educations funds:

And after going after property tax credits:

Anonymous said...

Ha! McCain the Maverick. His military service undeserving of criticism? Priviliged by birthright, an undisciplined, arrogant, cavalier, risk-taker with no concerrn for the consequences of his actions, which included multiple crashes. It's quite likely that his actions and poor judgement contributed to his capture. I know, I know. We musn't tarnish the Holy Grail of Military Service and time served as a POW. The Maverick, however, is just another sociopath, who without the protection of family reputation would never have even made it as far as the Vietnam deployment that lead to his heroic capture and imprisonment.

It is interesting how the Republican Clown Car occupants will turn to cannibalism at every opportunity. And too many observers across this nation will join in the justification of the gruesome feast. For a secular state, America has an awful lot of sacred cows that may not be slaughtered! How can this country achieve any form of progress, when so many, and so much is immune from critique and discussion?

Trump is an arrogant baffoon. No doubt. His only political fault in this case was not having a team of spinmasters on his payroll to magically swirl him away from the other flesh eating clowns.

Anonymous said...

Walker must have just gotten word from Koch brothers to say this. Not directly from them, of course. They don't talk to their hired help, which is why Scotty got punked with fake Koch phone call. Just posturing, Walker has said stooopider and more inflammatory crap. He sat on the sideline in 2012 sniping at Romney.

mad as hell said...

montrealhammer how right you are. I would only add to your astute McCain - Trump observation that Trump sucks all the air out of the room for the rest of the republican clown car. There is no way that the circus all stars are going to continue to let Trump get all the air time. They see a opening and they are going to attack on whatever flimsy reasoning they can come up with.

Chris Rock had mentioned a few years back how McCain got caught and that in effect is not a heroic accomplishment. Scott Walker and the rest of the mob will gladly wave the flag and trash Trump however they can in order that they can get more press time.

I find this whole democratic charade disgusting!