Monday, July 20, 2015

Scott Walker, big bold quitter

Walker's solution to the problems at the scandal-ridden and failed jobs' agency he created and served as its only chairman?

Do a Palin, and quit.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker will still be able to continue to use WEDC as his personal piggy bank, proving kick-backs from grants and loans to support his presidential campaign.

And Barca & Lassa -- it is just sick to see so many people confuse real action with publicity-seeking calls for investigation that literally mean nothing. If Barca and Lassa intended to do anything about this, they would file lawsuits over obvious breaches of fiduciary duty by Walker, other board members, and key WEDC management like the parade of CFOs and COOs.

They do nothing, so nothing will change. Scott Walker will step down. The media will tell us that there's nothing to see here and Scott Walker will continue to misrepresent WEDC as a great success while he continues to use it to siphon off taxpayers dollars for his political ambitions.

I blame Barca and Lassa more than Walker. Their participation serves no legitimate purpose other than to let Scott Walker say he has bipartisan support while he loots the treasury. Neither Barca nor Lassa have provided any meaningful leadership for change and they have approved everything that has happened with WEDC.

They have taken the only meaningful action off the table. They would have standing to legally challenge breaches of fiduciary duties. Both of them are cowards, though according to legislative aides in other office, it is the official position of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin that no one take just and necessary legal action against the massive pay-to-play.

Anonymous said...

Puleeze. He is anti-union, anti- middle class and undereducated. LOSER! QUITTER!