Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gov. 'Midwestern Nice' calls minimum wage "lame"

[Updated] It was Walker in a nutshell - - snarking that the minimum wage is "really lame," and where better to offer up such an ugly sentiment than the appropriately ugly platform - - a Sean Hannity interview - - where Walker could show his true colors.

After all, Walker has had his facts wrong about the minimum wage before.

A minimum wage which he has also said serves "no purpose."

This all from a career, public-trough politician now making about ten times hourly as much - - $144,000+ annually - - with unlimited taxpayer-paid time off to take a state-paid security detail coast-to-coast campaigning for higher office about half-time for months and months.

A minimum wage he froze at $7.25/hr. while other states were raising it, and when it became clear that he was not enforcing Wisconsin law that mandates a "livable wage" used his just-signed state budget to delete the phrase "livable wage" from state law and substitute "minimum wage."

In other words, $7.25/hr. is your new "livable wage."

So "minimum wage" does serve a purpose after all - - it's Walker's Big Government stick-in-the-eye to people at the absolute bottom of the income ladder and with the least political clout.

Head's up, people - - Walker is not nice, despite the self-serving claim.

Behind that minister's son facade is a cold heart and a 24/7 one-dimensional agenda for personal and political advancement.

Media need to do a better job getting behind the mask

Here's a start.

Truth is, Walker will tee up the poor - - or anyone, even his own backers - - anytime he needs others for fodder - - whether turning back Medicaid health-care funds, drug-testing public assistance recipients, cutting back food stamp allotments - - even raising three taxes on low-income Wisconsinites, and then denying he'd done it.

He's bringing Midwestern Nice Mean to a town or an editorial board or a caucus meeting near you.

Get all the facts.


Boxer said...

Governor Bold-Lame.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing "nice" about this guy. He is a liar. He is hateful. He is vengeful. People like Walker, sociopaths, use the exact opposite words to describe themselves. They can not see the evil that is within them or they want to hide it. History is full of sociopath who convince a lot of people that they are the opposite of who they say they are.

Anonymous said...

The guy is quite vindictive and the tone of the emails circulating among his Mke County staff should tell you something about the "nice" company he keeps. Hope the national press picks up on this.