Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And you thought that "crap" budget reined in WisDOT?

No, Bucky - - WisDOT and the contractors they serve - - or is the other way around? - - are getting a $200 million office and planning palace at Hill Farms in Madison so they can lay out the next "echelon" of Nimitz-class super-interchanges.


Anonymous said...

WISDOT allows slag and fly ash in the concrete. The carbon left on the fly ash destroys the air entraining ability of the concrete making it more susceptible to breaking under conditions of temperature changed. Wisconsin experiences temperature differences of about 140 degrees. This is why our roads seldom last years and they should last decades!
The contractor may use class C fly ash or grade 100 or 120 slag as a partial replacement for cement. For
binary mixes use up to 30% fly ash or slag, except for slip-formed work the contractor may use up to 50%
slag. For ternary mixes use up to 30% fly ash plus slag in combination. Replacement values are in
percent by weight of the total cementitious material in the mix.

Boxer said...

You wouldn't think they'd need an off-campus office building with all of that open office space left after DNR, scientists and UW teaching staff were cleared out.