Saturday, July 18, 2015

As he sells his broken record, what Walker won't tout today

A whopping decline of 6,300 construction jobs from April to June, the Cap Times reports.
That's the largest two-month drop by number and percentage (5.67 percent) in the 25-plus years of state data in the Current Employment Statistics program, which samples a small percentage of employers monthly.
That's the kind of big, bold FUBAR you keep on getting - - and would inflict on the country - - when you control all three branches of the government, but run it with failed, trickle-down Reaganomics.

Ten other Walker numbers worth committing to memory, here.

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Anonymous said...

Reporters in Iowa take stenography just like the ones in Wisconsin.

Gannett's finest :

At a town hall in Cedar Rapids – his first question-and-answer event in Iowa – Walker said he’d like to take money spent in Washington and return it to states where he said it could be used more efficiently to meet the unique needs of individual states.

“I think we’re better off if we take the power and money – in many different areas, but particularly in education – and send it back to state and local governments,” he said. “Not getting rid of the funding but sending it back to where people are at.”

He said it’s an issue he’d like to push Congress to work on within the first 100 days of taking office.

Other areas where that same approach could be useful, he said, include Medicaid, social services, transportation and workforce development.

“Where would you rather spend this dollar?” he said, holding up a dollar bill. “In Washington? Or at your kids’ or grandkids’ school? Most of us would rather spend it in our school. We don’t have all that money skimmed off the top with bureaucracy in Washington. Instead, you can decide.”

I'll take "Rob the Schools for the Milwaukee Fucks" for $250 Million Alex!