Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Small and stale. More Walker self-marginalization

[Updated] Remember when Walker challenged people during his first run for Milwaukee County Executive in 2002 to put his words on their refrigerators? You know - -  for accountability's sake.

Well, get a bigger refrigerator.

These words and the ideology behind them from his 1950's "I love America" presidential announcement Monday are refrigerator-worthy in 2015 if you don't want the clock rolled back:

We defunded Planned Parenthood and enacted pro-life legislation. We passed Castle Doctrine and concealed carry. And we now require a photo ID to vote in the State of Wisconsin.
...we must repeal ObamaCare...a full repeal of Obamacare. 
Plus, from his post-announcement interview with Fox's Sean Hannity - - the minimum wage is "really lame"

One more: Don't forget also this embrace of discrimination as his presidential announcement loomed:
Scott Walker calls for Constitutional amendment to let states define marriage

Leave It to Beaver cast (L–R): Hugh BeaumontTony DowBarbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers, circa 1959

As I wrote five weeks ago, he really is yesterday's candidate.

Get all the facts.

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Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the totally hypocritical posture on ACA. Governor bald spot has announced that his boys are quitting school this fall to campaign for him. Prior to ACA, his boys would have lost their health insurance coverage, under ACA they will be covered during their absence from school.