Thursday, July 16, 2015

WI Supreme Court rules GOP is permanent high bidder

No one is surprised that this particular iteration of the formerly respected Wisconsin Supreme Court - - now a subsidiary of the GOP money machine - -  would toss the Doe probe and rule in favor of Walker and his important donor groups.

Justice Michael Gableman - - lead author of the decision - - and several of his right-wing colleagues were installed by wealthy, corporate groups also linked to Walker -- and when those justices declined to recuse themselves from the case, the decision - - which also orders the destruction of all the records gathered by investigators - - was a foregone conclusion.

Let's not forget that the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce contributed heavily to some of the conservative justices' campaigns, boasted about it and even helped write the justices' recusal rule which made it easier for justices to stay on cases involving campaign donors.

The GOP money machine firmly controls all three branches of Wisconsin government, and the gerrymandering plan hatched in secret and in force barring a successful new challenge in federal court - - will further embed this one-party rule at least through 2020.

Having also schemed to strip Shirley Abrahamson - - the court's most senior justice - - of the Chief Justiceship and authority which she had rightly attained through statewide re-election, the court in its Doe whitewash ruling today re-affirmed its guiding principle:

Republicans and their financiers in Wisconsin are free to buy whatever they like in a political process further narrowed today to serve the most powerful and well-heeled groups in Wisconsin and which also need to control people and policy here

And Walker can now add 'not indicted, haha' to all his presidential p.r.


my5cents said...

So much for democracy. Something must change and soon. 2020 is too long to wait.

Sue said...

They ruled in favor of Walker, did they also rule to destroy all the documents?

James Rowen said...

Yes. I added that.

Anonymous said...

Sue, yes they did rule to destroy all documents. Just more proof the decision is highly partisan and big money spent at least $10 million to get these types of decisions from Wisconsin's Supreme Court.

I know it is hindsight, but I believe it is appropriate to make the following oberservation: It was a serious mistake to use an obscure Wisconsin John Doe process instead of a grand jury like every other state or the federal government would have used. The secrecy of the John Doe process was turned around and used to help the target(s) of this investigation.

When people that had a legal obligation when to Wall Street Journal and publicly leaked, thumbing there nose at the judge and process, there should have been action taken. The prosecutors really screwed this up.

I hope GAB's Kennedy gets taken for everything he has in the litigation against him that will now successfully move forward. He is a Republican hack that has actively hijack Wisconsin's election process to create a one-party state. Now he will find out how his cohorts in that theft value his service. Since there will be no indictment of Walker, I will just have to enjoy seeing Walker throw Kennedy under the bus!

Anonymous said...

Can the prosecution go beyond the Wisconsin Supreme Court? Or is JD2 dead?

Nathanael said...

It's pretty obvious that this was a criminal act on the part of the members of the so-called Supreme Court who committed it. Federal jurisdiction applies, and judges aren't immune to prosecution for destruction of evidence. Unfortunately the feds don't seem to have fully recognized what's going on in Wisconsin.