Monday, July 20, 2015

Targeting the GAB - - more Walker government-by-spite

Walker and his GOP legislative allies hate the Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board - - the nationally-admired ethics and elections board has that word "accountability" right in the title, suggesting independence and oversight this current batch of one-party authoritarians can't abide - - so now the absentee Governor has dropped back into the state and spitefully announces he wants the GAB abolished.

Again, governance by spite, as a disinterested and part-time Walker doesn't have the moral authority right now in Wisconsin to issue a proclamation honoring apple pie, let alone managing the further dismantling of clean government and the traditional Wisconsin Idea statewide.

And the backstory is that the GAB, pursuant to its mandate, participated in a follow-the-evidence probe into Walker election ethics [Sic] that was stopped - - by a State Supreme Court that has abandoned its independence to serve Walker and GOP interests.

So now Walker wants a GAB that is nothing more than a partisan subsidiary of his party and other easily-managed special interests.

As I said last October:

The Walker/GOP coup will get the GAB, too


Anonymous said...


GAB has always been a partisan wing of Wisconsin's Republican party. Kevin J. Kennedy, Director and General Counsel, just mistakenly assumed that even the Republican Party would want a little more integrity out of Scott Walker. Outside of a minimal and minor role in criminal investigations, Kennedy has enabled everything that created one-party rule in the Badger State.

GAB is no watchdog of any kind and has stood down for blatant violations of Wisconsin election law, including allowing monkey business with electronic voting systems. GAB will not release ward-by-ward data for elections, even though that is how the aggregated ward units that are available begin. GAB does not deserve any support from people on the other side of the political spectrum than Scott Walker.

And as litigation against Kennedy proceeds for his minimal role in Walker criminal investigations, this activist will laugh his tail off! Kennedy is getting what he deserves for being part of the Republican take-over. His "reward"? He's being thrown under the bus!


GAB serves no legitimate purpose as anyone that has inquired about election integrity or filed a complaint surely knows.

Anonymous said...

After he eliminates the GAB will he eliminate voters who signed the recall?