Friday, July 17, 2015

On Cruz control, The Donald also trumping Walker in NH

Tough day in NH away from the office for Walker and others, we learn:
...Trump distracted from Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who announced his presidential bid this week and leads in Iowa polls. 
Walker is “barely registering in voters’ minds because The Donald is such a compelling blend of hair, media catnip, and voter rage” even during his announcement week, said one Iowa Republican.
Trump and Walker “are both in the state today, and every local reporter is more interested in covering [Trump] than Walker,” observed a New Hampshire Democrat.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

To be fair, wouldn't you be?

It's also much easier; reporting on Walker would require actual reporting, and possibly lead to unauthorized divergence from the horse race stories, as well as - horror of horrors! potentially pointing out what a liar he is...

Anonymous said...

In desperation, Walker will bang Trump's head on a kitchen cabinet so he'll have less hair.