Monday, July 27, 2015

About that $1 Walker tax cut

Take my dollar, fill a pothole, feed a hungry child another school lunch - -  but don't tout it as anything carrying more than laughable symbolic value. Pandering has fallen to a new, laughable low.


MadCityVoter said...

Hey, don't forget -- that decrease will increase by 100% the year after next. We'll be talking real money then -- $2.00! Enough to buy yourself a cup of coffee the morning you pack up and move out of state for a real job that pays a living* wage and has some room for advancement.

*now banned in Wisconsin 'cause the Governor and Legislature never wanted workers to live here anyway -- they just get in the way of highways, CAFO's, iron mines and forgivable loans and/or tax breaks for job creators, not to mention the cost of educating 'em in the first place!

Anonymous said...

"Ah, I meant thinking long term about the next election. Not the next generation - LIKE Doyle - we all know they are screwed."....#TW @ScottWalker

Anonymous said...


Attorney General Brad D. Schimel's is going to do the dirty work to eliminate Wisconsin's open records laws with a sham Open Government Summit:

Its tomorrow, July 29 at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Madison Ballroom 8 am- 4 pm!

If you are available, REGISTAR, or you will have no legitimate voice to complain when the legislature enacts dramatic and radical restrictions.

Anonymous said...

No sense pre-registering for Schimel's scam. I signed the recall petition I am apparently band for the life of the Walker reign from participating in the state democratic process.