Friday, July 31, 2015

WI residents have polluted wells; Where is Walker?

As our self-absorbed and wandering Governor heads for yet another California soiree with the Koch brothers, and has slashed the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, here's a snapshot of the people and state he disregards:

Northern Kewaunee County wells are polluted

Where is the official concern for these people - - Wisconsin citizens, taxpayers?

Walker should be there, not California, and if he can't or won't he should quit drawing his salary to which Kewaunee County residents living near these big, polluting manure-producing animal feeding operations contribute.

In 2015, in Wisconsin, routine well pollution enabled by an absentee, disinterested  Governor - - with more manure runoff on the way - - is an unacceptable scandal.


Anonymous said...


Manure in drinking water! And someone is upset? This is the way Scotty likes it. Didn't you see those signs at the sandwich shop in Phillie?

nonquixote said...

Maybe he and his "buddies," will get on their Harleys and come north for the weekend and smell the "air," and swim in the rivers or along a Lake Michigan beach after a rainstorm, if they dare. High summer is here, high time the state had a governor, thanks for the post. Unintimidated?

Don't forget the legislative "representation," at the state capitol. Sen. Frank, I deserve a Mexican holiday NOW, Lasee, (R-Racine) and Rep Joel , I built my veterinary business on large animal CAFOs, Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) for speaking up for nothing of the immediate problems or concerns of the people of those districts.

Congressman Reid Ribble (R-DC $$$) is looking into starting another investigation into the matter to Save the Bay, of Green Bay. Kick the can, anyone. Just don't work up a thirst playing that game, there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56 am is right. Google it yourself. Scott Walker comfortably sat at Geno's Steaks on July 28, 2015, in South Philadelphia taking in and enjoying the atmosphere of signs proclaiming:

Scott Walker Lives Inside My Butt


Scott Walker Sniffs His Own Poop

Most likely, manure in drinking water is a FEATURE and not a glitch. Some people like feces and, if you google image for the signs Walker enjoyed on his taxpayer-funded campaign stunt in Philadelphia, you will see he is very comfortable with all things anal.

Joe R said...

Kewaunee County went for Walker in 2014 by 62-37, in 2012 64-35, and 2010 57-41. Hope those folks are happy now.

Anonymous said...

The thing that I find so amazing is that the very DNR administrators under Thompson, Doyle and now Walker, who literally laughed at concerns by environmental groups and scientists, are the people tasked with fixing the problem in Kewaunee County. What could go wrong?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

That's what I've said. You in NE Wisconsin wanted Fitzwalkerstan, you got it! Own your stupidity, and eitherearn from it, or don't bitch about the results

nonquixote said...


Talked recently with county level public health personnel who have dealt with adults and children and those families in Kewaunee County and the verdict is a stark similarity to the most isolationist Appalachian mountain, Deliverance movie stereotypes that you could ever imagine. Sorry to say, this fact is beyond simply politically blaming the voters there. The problems run deeper and sometimes I wonder about the lasting effects of two nuclear power plants that have operated there for close to five decades (iirc) as a major contributing factor to "good," health and decision making.