Thursday, July 30, 2015

It's true: Scott Walker's "False" vettings on rise

We know the story in Wisconsin because we've suffered through more than four years with a Governor who easily and disturbingly cannot tell a straight story:

The PolitiFact service run by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has found that Walker's "False" and more egregiously dishonest "Pants on Fire" vettings now exceed those found fully "True" by more than three-to-one (49-16).

You can read the latest "False" finding here - -
100,000 pro-union protesters were shipped into Wisconsin, Scott Walker says
 - - which is particularly shocking because PolitiFact is catching Walker repeating a falsehood it has noted before.  
You can read his full Politifact record, here.

Want more?

More than Madison Capital Times editor Paul Fanland's insight-filled interview about Scott Walker with Watergate legend John Dean?

Here is a listing of facts not generally known about Walker outside of Wisconsin, with more than 100 links or records referenced.


Anonymous said...

Please, everyone, help get this story out! Walker is telling pants-on-fire lies (generously rated as false by PolitiFact). I like the way you point out that Walker is repeating this lie even though he has been called out for it in the past.

It takes an extraordinary lying liar to get caught in the same lie twice! If the public knew the truth about Walker, he would not be considered a front-runner for 2016. But remember, there are reasons to question the integrity of many U.S. elections. No one in America has benefited more from rigged elections (gerrymandering, voter suppression) and even implausible voting data than Scott Walker.

He is a dangerous candidate.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Scott Walker is a lying bastard with no shame. It does not matter if the Dems call him out, it only matters when one of his own calls him out. Keep it coming Donald Trump. I want Donald to tell us what he really thinks of that lying S.O.B. Scott Walker. Donald leads Scott in the latest Q poll by 7 points. Don't stop now Donald, you have Scott on the ropes. Please fire Scott's sorry ass off the national stage!

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, Walker will be saying that 100,000 ISIS terrorists were shipped from the Mideast to Madison.

my5cents said...

I read this this morning and it's been on my mind all day. Yes, there were a few protesters who came in from out of state (some were teachers supporting their peer group in Madison), but not the number Walker is going around the country saying.

Boy oh boy, those lies just roll right off his lips like hot butter on a summer afternoon don't they.

When can we just say he is a pathological liar about everything. He cannot ever be trusted with anything.