Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Walker, WEDC boxed in by really, really bad loan

How bad, given that Walker was the creator and chairman of the scandal-ridden WEDC when it was caught making loans and grants to businesses without rhyme, reason (except politics) and routine paperwork? 

The Journal Sentinel puts it this way: 
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel first reported two weeks ago on the problems with Green Box and the fact that the state's jobs agency lent money to it without adequate financial checks and then continued to work with it on federal incentives even after it became clear that the company hadn't been up front with the state. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. ended up suing Green Box in May to recover its soured loan and grant.
On Monday, Green Box's attorney revealed in Brown County Circuit Court that the clean energy company won't be able to provide many documents being sought by the company's court-appointed receiver, the Green Bay Press Gazette reported. John Petitjean told the court that county sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at the company's offices in the past month and removed five truckloads of documents and computer equipment.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

but since it is a green energy company, it is obviously Liberal's fault!

CJ said...

Ha. zombie mcdonald, you took the words right out of my mouth. Almost like it was a set up to tank sustainable energy.

CJ said...

I think I found the mother load. Embedded links and all.

There's no way the WEDC could not have know. No freaking way. No way Walker could not have known. All it took was a two second search.





And a weird side note to how incestuous Walker & Co. are: http://oneidaeye.com/2015/01/22/vince-biskupics-conflict-of-interest-in-outagamie-co-case-2014-cf-1027-state-of-wisconsin-v-jay-fuss-plus-oneida-housing-authority-problems-linger/