Monday, July 27, 2015

Having decimated the WI DNR, Walker turns to the US EPA

Walker, assuming the environment stops at a state's borders, wants all 50 states to regulate their clean air and water.

Sorry, bub, it's one nation indivisible, as they say.

A ridiculous position, pragmatically, but Walker wants states to more easily de-regulate their environmental resource protections, as he has done by stripping the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources of science staff, institutional memory, public mission, inspection activities and enforcement actions.

The expected conclusions when putting a "chamber-of-commerce mentality" atop the agency.

This approach is straight out of the ALEC/Koch brothers' resource exploitation-by-the-highest-bidder playbook - - note Walker signed the brothers' no-climate-action pledge.

Here are the facts about Walker's water record. And he's already suing the EPA to roll back clean air rules.

File his anti-EPA-as-President role in your Walker-Danger file.

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my5cents said...

That's not the only Federal program he wants the states to take over. His idea to shrink the Federal Government is to force all states to take on their own Education Programs, HHS Programs, DOT programs, Welfare programs, VA Programs, etc., etc., to eliminate them from the Federal Government so he can further reduce taxes on the rich and corporations and exponentially grow the military. He basically wants each state to control themselves separate from all other states as though they are their own country. That pretty much kills the united part of the United States doesn't it? More divide and conquer? One country under God?

I don't see how you can eliminate the EPA when you have rivers that run through many states. You can't allow pollution of that river in one state and not expect it to affect the next state. None of what he proposes makes sense. That's why I firmly believe he is nothing more than a puppet for other people's ideas; ideas with no practical end results except to make his benefactors richer than they already are.

He would eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, or turn them into voucher programs and greatly reduce Social Security to kill off old people to reduce the number of people dependent on the government. And, if you can physically work and don't (no available jobs), then you starve to death. None of us ever want to see Walker's ideas come to pass. He is mean-spirited and hard-hearted with a pleasing facade on the outside. Remember seeing pictures of poor kids begging in the streets in the U.S. in the 1800's? Pictures like you now see in some other countries? Under Walker, that's what you can expect. Before you know it child labor laws will also be repealed. This is the bleak picture Walker paints when he talks of what he wants to do for America.