Monday, July 13, 2015

Walker, line-item vetoes and double-standards

What would have happened if Walker had applied the same level of fly-specking to the fine print, dollar amounts and other matters through his 104 line-item budget vetoes he released yesterday to the loans and grants made under his years as the only chairman of the scandal-ridden, process-deficient, overtly-politicized and chronically-inept Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation?

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my5cents said...

One thing I would like to know is why was this in the budget and whatever happened to separation of church and state: Permits members of certain religious sects to apply for a waiver from certain modern building code requirements when the requirement is contrary to their established religious beliefs. What do building codes have to do with religious beliefs anyway unless you plan to live in a tent or something. Or, do they just like having an outhouse versus an indoor toilet or what.

What the heck is this anyway? What does it have to do with our state budget? Nothing!