Thursday, July 23, 2015

Boss Vos sniped at WI Open Records, now targets GAB

That would be GOP Assembly Leader Robin Vos, the record shows.

He seems to hate open government; also in his sights - -  the independent Government Accountability Board, the state's ethics, lobbying and elections monitor.

From now on, he's Boss Vos, controlling turf in the State Capitol and serving Walker who absents himself from his wing, thus further empowering Boss Vos to rum over the State Constitution and the public's right to know.

Outrage from media and citizens against the Vos-led GAB power-grab should be as intense as was the successful battle to save the Open Records law from the Vos/Walker/Fitzgerald sneak attack.

The issue is the same: guaranteeing to the people access to public information and spending by a fully-transparent government.

Because it belongs to us, not to Boss Vos, whose push for closing access to public records would have barred the release of the very sort of bill-drafting instruction Vos used to slip the Open Records attack into the state budget as a last-minute amendment in committee.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. Boss Vos is a slimy perhaps even more sneaky than Walker power grabbing politician who wants to run the show. He talks accountability and transparency but will use his power over the Republicans in the Assembly to keep government out of the eyes of the public. Neither he nor Walker, Darling and Nygren have come forward with accountability and transparency over the open records fiasco. At least Fitzgerald admitted that they all were involved in the decision but the other 4 ran off and hid again. If Vos goes after the GAB and he will next fall we must all rise up and smack this effort down with perhaps even more fury than the open records response!

Anonymous said...

State Journal report shows that "BOS VOS was the one behind the open records fiasco. Drafting records show his office either authored the language or were the cause of it's inclusion in the budget. Walker, Fitz, Darling and Nygren were supporters of it........................but Bos Vos was the leader responsible for it becoming reality. Remember Vos, Walker, Fitzgerald, Darling and Nygren all touting their stance for 'accountability and transparency following they getting caught with their hands in the "open records" cookie jar? While those were all empty words as none of them would come forward and be open and accountable. Fitz said they all shared some guilt.....but Vos, Walker , Darling and Nygren ran off and hid acknowledging nothing of their role. Walker actually said: "It didn't come from my office. They all knew the truth and chose not to be truthful. Vos has now proven what a dirt bag he is !!!!!!

my5cents said...

Voss is worse than Walker. He is the next step up from an authoritarian dictator, whatever that is. He is extremely mean-spirited. He lives and breathes the ALEC philosophy and pushes all of the ALEC bills he can get through the Assembly. Darling is the same and there are a few others who are unbelievably mean-spirited. The last thing I heard Darling say about people who owed Milwaukee back taxes, was "make them pay." They can't pay when they don't have money to pay, but she does not care. She would take their blood for payment.