Friday, July 24, 2015

WI flavor at The Washington Post online today

I noted it Thursday, but it's worth another view today:

Why Scott Walker is so dangerous

Why Scott Walker is so dangerous
His technique of scapegoating unions for the nation’s ills is demagogic.

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      my5cents said...

      Speaking of Unions, it seems our DOC system is in dire disarray due to Act 10. An email I received from AFSME today says they had 80 openings in 2010 and today they have 403 openings. It says pay for state COs has fallen sharply and employee costs for benefits keep going up.

      This is the effect of Act 10: Iowa’s starting wage is $18.02. In Illinois, the trainee salary is $20.57 an hour. COs in both states have a union contract. In Wisconsin, a CO’s starting pay is $15.34 an hour. Starting pay in Wisconsin’s Brown County jail is $19.11 and $21.18 an hour in Outagamie County.

      Why should they stay in a job that pays so much less than a comparable job elsewhere. I wouldn't stay, would you? This is how Walker is destroying Wisconsin and we deserve much better. Why is he not here addressing these issues? That's his job isn't it? If he isn't going to do his job, then he should quit, or get booted out one way or another.