Friday, July 17, 2015

WI DNR barred staff wolf experts from in-state conference

I'd posted notices on this blog about a non-partisan, broadly-based wolf and conservation conference held earlier this week in Baraboo, and was hearing that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would not be allowing its staff experts to attend.
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
The Walker administration finds another way to cancel out science, public DNR mission
Impossible, you say; Walker wouldn't take his anti-science crusade that far.

Wrong you are, Bucky, as it turns out that was information was correct, and worse, the DNR's spokesman justified the barrier by saying the agency receives plenty of input from its wolf advisory committee - - a once-diverse group that the DNR admitted intentionally recasting in the face of opposition to its excessively brutal (unsustainable wolf kill quotas, dogs allowed) wolf hunting program by stacking that committee nearly exclusively with sport hunting and other special interests.

Just when you think the dreary "chamber-of-commerce" standing of Walker's DNR could not be further be tainted, the agency does it to itself.

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Boxer said...

Murderous, spiteful jerks: "We want to keep killing with impunity! No questions!"