Sunday, July 12, 2015

After Walker & his budget, WI needs a power-washing

There's a lot about Walker moving forward that we don't know, except the rest of the country will see more of him in the months ahead than will we - - not a bad bargain for a beaten-down Bucky - - and that people are advised to dodge the chaff he will spread coast-to-coast because he and his machine are the absolute masters at propagandizing what at the core is a small, vindictive extremist who fractured a state and suffocated its economy through failed Reagan worship.

Here's one posting that tries to clarify the record, and another about his brand of "midwestern nice" missed by national media compiled before he sent the legislature his recent budget that surreptitiously and dishonestly erased, PolitiFact says, the UW's historic public service mission, slashed its funding, cut science from natural resource department staffing and priorities and continued an especially harsh and degrading  attack on women, people working for the minimum wage, or without health insurance.

The Journal Sentinel, having repeatedly endorsed Walker for Milwaukee County Executive and Governor didn't think much of the budget and took some jabs at it. Haymakers would have been better..

But the truth is that we don't know if Walker will be ascendant among the 813 other GOP presidential candidates, or flames out after falling flat in debates as this cycle's Rick Perryesque Gaffemeister and slinks back to Wisconsin to wreak more hometown havoc.

Walker could settle for second-place on the ticket as Jeb's Dan Quayle, or watch a Rubio-Kasich combo go down the drain, then opts for a break from elected office altogether to finally make the big bucks he'd once talked about, maybe as the figurehead of whatever organization the Koch brothers launch that formally supersedes a financially and politically bankrupt GOP with a post-Citizens United new construct, a Money Party or LLC or Election Juggernaut, of sorts.

You know, after Hillary is elected, and Walker, still under 50 years old, can focus on 2024.

This much I do know: Wisconsin needs a power-washing, a purification ritual of some kind after the sliming Walker and his legislative pals gave the body politic from head-to-toe with the budget he will sign this afternoon.

It seemed to have energized a editorial writers around the state, even in the late Sen. Joe McCarthy's backyard. Maybe they and an outraged citizenry will grasp that Walkerite extremism - - a more ideological, monied McCarthyism 2.0 - - was not confined to an attack on the state Open Records statute and cannot be allowed a second life.


Anonymous said...

Since Scott Walker is taunting us to "Recall the Recall", it is time for a reality check. Walker's recall violated the law, The Law of Large Numbers. Perhaps you recall how on the day of that 2012, we were all told that the race was too close to call. Barrett and Walker were tied in the exit polls.

Then something radically changed. How could that race have been called for Scott Walker while people were still standing in line to vote?

A highly qualified quantitative analysis can prove the 2012 results are implausible and that's the real story that people should recall from the recall.

It is explained in this short video:

And you can read a transcript, with graphical proof of election fraud here:

Anonymous said...

Walker makes me feel violated.

Joshua Skolnick said...

Walker will be one of the last men standing as the chaff are winnowed down in the Greed Oil and Power clown bus. My argument for this is his backing from the biggest of the big money Boyz including the Kochs who have openly pledged at least 800 million for the 2016 presidential campaign, and the fact that, as summarized in a Daily Kos diary tonight, virtually all of the national corporate media have come out with puff pieces and sycophantic fawning over Walker while ignoring anything controversial or problematic about Walker. This leads me to the conclusion that it is all about the Benjamins, and a viable Walker candidacy will unleash at an absolute minimum $1 billion in cash flow to Big Media.