Friday, July 31, 2015

"Enbridge" and "will do right" in same sentence

[Updated] Of course, it's in a headline on an op-ed written by the oil-spilling pipeline company's reassuring president:
Enbridge will do what's right
So - - not to worry, Dane County, if Pipeline 61 ruptures, Enbridge will be there to help...

Doing what's right cost the company more than $1.2 billion in neighboring Michigan when it did the wrong thing to the Kalamazoo River and its watershed, fyi:
Enbridge to pay additional $4 million settlement for Kalamazoo River oil spill
  • Submerged oil recovery on the Kalamazoo River. (EPA photo) 6/23/2011)
Not sure how much these additional dozen+ right things cost
Enbridge's calamitous pipeline spill record

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La Mer said...

Wisconsinites need to become one, insistent and unwavering movement like water and push back against Walker's dangerous plan to allow DNR's mandate to protect water be subsumed under a new mandate to "assist business..." because we cannot rely on any state or U.S. Supreme Court judicial decision or even the U.S. Department of Justice anymore.

The pipelines are growing like a cancer. Wisconsin has been captured - we're now inside the Marc of the Koch:
and we need to figure out what to do now.

"You mean the whole thing comes down to the decision of one judge?" -- Erin Brockovich to Ed Masry, before winning the biggest case in U.S. history against regulatory entity PG&E in 1997; almost twenty years later, pollution's unabated.