Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mother Jones catching on; Walker too mean

Mother Jones finds that Walker is too mean. Even for Texas.

A corollary to the Walker/danger meme, of late.

Maybe wearing cheap clothes from Kohl's and grifting off the Harley-Davidson brand only goes so far - - say, from Dubuque, Wisconsin to Dubuque, Iowa.

Or maybe people expect that from a Donald Trump, but not the preacher's son.

Glad to see that more media are catching on to the real Walker. This blog has been saying that Walker is not "midwestern nice," as he claims.

Here is a recent blog item with a list of reports about Walker.

And about Walker's record:

Start here.

Finish, here.


We the People, Dane County said...

All valid points, thanks. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a dangerous Presidential candidate as:

1. At least 2 of the previous 3 elections he claims to have "won" in the last 4 years can be demonstrated to be stolen.

2. He has resources behind him to take this election fraud national

Scott Walker can, by hook or crook, be catapulted into the White House. This should (and does) alarm many and provides an opportunity to talk about election fraud in Wisconsin and across America.

Here are 2 short videos, links to downloadable/printable transcripts of each (.pdf) and links to 2 corresponding sourcing & resourcing. As shocking as it seems to some, the following can be objectively demonstrated:

1. Recall the Recall Truth: Walker Stole That Election

Blog post with sourcing/resourcing links:

Transcript with graphics

2. The Media & Scott Walker's November 2014 Election Fraud

Blog Post with sourcing/resourcing links:

Transcript with graphics

my5cents said...

Thanks for the link to the Mother Jones story. It is indeed good to see that others see Mr. Mean Jeans for what he is. But, then again, a lot of the Republicans running for President are mean-spirited too. I would say it's hard to believe they are Christians and believe in the bible, but I've seen their attitude first hand in their churches. Too many of them are mean-spirited. I don't get how they can confess to believe in the bible and then behave as they do to other people. Come to think of it they seem to always be nice until they get people hooked into their religion and then after a while you hear the whispers and talk of how "those new people" aren't behaving like they should or they are not giving enough to the church. Some of them become very petty.

Walker's strategy is the ALEC agenda and that's what he's sticking to come hell or high water. It doesn't really matter to him who gets hurt so long as his benefactors come out ahead in the end. He is not a "man of the people" and he proves it every time he utters sounds to his base.

Anonymous said...


Donald Trump Goes After Scott Walker in Iowa

Speaking at Oskaloosa High School in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Trump said, “Wisconsin is doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have money to rebuild them.” If you take the Beltline around Madison, you can see this clearly.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker's dismal body of work speaks for itself. The majority of the people of Wisconsin give him a disapproval rating. His canned speeches are full of lies and half truths. We see through the fake veneer of his Kohl's buying habits and his bullshit brown bag lunches. He ain't one of us. He lives in a Maple Bluff mansion and makes nice with billionaires. He jet sets around the country on his big govenment salary and shakes down rich republicans in pay for play schemes. Governor Unintimidated hides behind a wall of body guards at staged events in secure locations. He has to take drastic measures because his "midwest nice" is a make believe facade. Scott Walker is a reprehensible piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Your report is a little misleading. First, Mother Jones is singing to the choir and those that see this story because they follow this MJ are not neutral on Scott Walker (nor are they supporters).

But more importantly, MJ has been telling the truth about Scott Walker for some time now. Here are some links

The Slow-Mo Scandal That Could Crush Scott Walker's Presidential Hopes

Scott Walker Is Running for President. Here's What You Should Know About Him

How Scott Walker and His Allies Hijacked the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Scott Walker Has a Texas-Sized Fundraising Problem

Scott Walker Is Starting to Look Like a Loser

Scott Walker Is the Worst Candidate for the Environment

Scott Walker Is Making Shit Up, Just Like His Hero Ronald Reagan

Scott Walker Just Blatantly Pandered to Iowa's Corn Farmers

Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day by Proposing To Fire 57 Environmental Agency Employees

Scott Walker Says Mandatory Ultrasounds Are "Just a Cool Thing" for Women

Scott Walker Appointee Says Climate Action Is Pointless Because Volcanoes

It's Not Just Those Emails. Here's The Secret Investigation That Should Worry Scott Walker.

4 Key Takeaways About Scott Walker's Alleged "Criminal Scheme"

The Koch Brothers Usually Have Scott Walker's Back. Not This Time

These posts are from just the past year or so and I could have added many more, but this makes my point. Mother Jones has called out Scott Walker consistently since 2011 when he dropped the bomb. Please don't make crap up or resort to these types of gimmicks to create the false narration that the national media is finally accurately telling the truth about Scott Walker. This may be what you wish for, but it isn't happening to any significant amount even if you can find a post or two every few days. Pretending that there is a national backlash developing against Scott Walker is just not true and posts that imply otherwise undermine the integrity of important stories here.