Saturday, July 18, 2015

From player to pariah, Trump fires himself

Exit Donald, loudmouth, though tolerated for too long by Walker and others.

Anyway, who's next on GOP candidate suicide watch?


Anonymous said...

What are the chances that this is staged? I'll bet Rove and the crew have set this up just for the clown car occupants to gain some kind of meaning that can go rampant on on the fake news channels.

Anonymous said...

Trump ain't going nowhere over this. This will not do a thing to his popularity across the teabaggin' base. He is slapping down a loser and another angry old rich man, the guy that gave us Sarah Palin.

You are reading too much into this. McCain's candidacy pre-dates the teabaggers who actually do not exist as a real and significant block of Americans. They are a medias creation, just like Walker, that is funded entirely by the Koch network. He is mot an important spokesman and has stated more than his share in stooopidity.

It is not possible to meaningfully assess the clown car nor GOP itself without acknowledging the role corporate media plays in creating and promoting this charade. And it begins with the lie that there is such thing as an all-powerful teabaggin' party. Fact is, America has more people that self-identify as socialists and this is Why Bernie Sanders outdraws everyone else when he speaks.

But don't expect the media to tell the truth on that one. Trump will stay in the rave as long as he likes and does so by grabbing headlines with brash and rude statements, really no different than Walker or the rest of the repugs. He could win the nomination, but my guess is the Koch brothers are not amused.