Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Walker's gonna have a really busy Day One

I suppose that constitutional amendment Walker wants allowing the states to discriminate against same-sex marriages will have to wait until Day Two or Three, because his Day One as POTUS is already blocked out:
That's a full day, Bucky. You don't even get to design a new border fence or eat a ham sandwich on a day like that.


MadCityVoter said...

Why not just declare war on everybody who's not Scott Walker or a reasonable facsimile in his inauguration speech and get it over with?

Sue said...

What does he think he's running for? King?
You can run, Scooter, but you can no longer hide. Keep talking, please.

my5cents said...

Actually what Walker really wants to do is make each state like its own little country. He wants to dissolve the Federal Government and force all states to take over all the Federally run programs. You see, if each state has to be fully responsible for itself and can be run any way the people want, then the corporations will have free reign over the environment and anything else they choose. That's the real plan. This was the Koch plan in 1980. In regards to Walker, does it sound familiar?
Abolition of Medicare and Medicaid
Deregulation of medical insurance industry
Repealing the social security program
Opposition to all personal and corporate taxation, and essentially all taxation
Opposition to minimum wage laws
Opposed to government funded schools and government education laws
Abolition of Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, and the Food and Drug Administration
Dissolution of all welfare programs that benefit children
Repeal of all gun laws
Dissolution of all tax-funded Children’s Services

Jake formerly of the LP said...

In other words, turn the country from a Union.to a Confederacy.

Unless a state is being too progressive, then ILL Deucey will gladly impose the power of the governmental on them. Too bad for him that he won't get the chance

Anonymous said...

Let's finish Scottie's first day with a trifecta:

"Walker: Minimum wage hike among left's 'lame ideas'"


Honestly -- what planet is this guy from?

Anonymous said...

Now maybe the rest of the country will see the ideological drivel we've been subjected to in our state for the last way-too many years. Thanks so much all you Badger low-information voters!!