Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trump gets his money's worth attacking Walker in Iowa

Trump tells Iowans about the real Walker - - bad budget, bad roads, bad flip-flops - - since until this point, Walker has been free to spin his record there without regard to the facts.

Maybe Trump feels entitled, since he gave Walker $10,000 last year, yet told his Iowa crowd today he'd been insulted by a Walker's fundraiser.

I know Trump won't ask for the return of the donation, but a blogger can dream.


mad as hell said...

You can say what you want about Trump but at least he is stirring the pot. I just hope that he continues to take his shots at the Great American Clown Revue Spectacle and doesn't fall on his face when the clowns debate next month.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a nightmare for the republicans. He won't play by their "do no harm" to fellow republicans. All the republican candidates will be tossed under the bus because that is what Don does. The more outlandish he gets, the better for Donald. He will go right of Attila the Hun to grab the spotlight. He won't share the red meat and beats his fellow candidates at the media headline game. I wonder how long it will take Scott Walker to figure out midwest nice is a losing strategy versus the Trumpster.

MadCityVoter said...

Don't underestimate Governor Unintimidated's ability to play the victim card -- he did it during the Act 10 uproar even when he was holding five aces and he did it (with some help from his friends) during John Doe II with his five aces face up on the table.

I predict that Walker will transform his podium into a quiet little pouting space during the debate, with Trump dominating the spotlight, and then will run to his friends in the SKW-friendly media afterwards to complain about how, poor him, his big bold reform ideas had no chance to be heard! Because they were too big and bold and serious-minded! Because he was too much of a Midwest-nice uniter! Of course, Walker would never take that post-debate friendly-media opportunity to talk about exactly what those big bold reform ideas are -- the message will be to support him because he's (supposedly) a helpless unfairly beaten-on underdog, not to examine the baying hounds of misrule he will unleash on the nation if elected. After all, he won the recall by using the misguided sympathy vote; I have no doubt he will try to gain a winning margin in the Republican primary the same way.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

MadCityVoter- The problem is that there is more than just the Sykes/Belling shows on the air outside of Wisconsin, and a whole lot of them like Trump a lot more than they like Scotty. They'll probably call Scotty a wuss for standing there and taking it (especially when there is truth in what Trump and others will say).

I have no doubt Scotty will try to play the victim, but when it's another GOP politician throwing it at him instead of Hillary or some unionist, it becomes a lot harder to get away with it in RW bubble-world.

It's absurd that it's gotta work out this way (because our "mainstream" media is too cowardly to tell the truth about Scotty themselves), but I think that's exactly what'll happen.

MadCityVoter said...

Jake, if Trump helps the truth get out then more power to him, but remember that there are plenty of people that just hate the guy from the word "go" and that Trump himself tends to prefer an incendiary sound bite to an accurate recitation of facts. Also that Walker supporters have already proven susceptible to manufactured tales of martyrdom -- I mean, come on, he's trying to make his name for toughness based on hiding out for weeks from a bunch of unhappy kindergarten teachers, retired baby boomers and idealistic UW students; his propagandists will no doubt turn one cutting remark from The Donald into the second coming of Attila the Hun! Which makes him even worse than ISIS, right? The SKW dopeheads will eat it up, swear never ending allegiance and send $$$, which is the point. With 15+ candidates all Walker needs is a solid core of 5-10% plus whoever he can fool into voting for him on primary day with his pose-du-jour.

Just to take the pessimistic/cynical side of the argument.