Sunday, July 26, 2015

Law and order GOP Governor botches state corrections budget

This must have been a drafting error: no self-respecting Republican with presidential aspirations would cause a shortage of corrections officers, would he?


mad as hell said...

With walker's anti-christian like personality those would be the last groups both prisoners and corrections officials that he would worry about. After they riot or when state officials are caught bringing in the boy scouts to patrol the prisons, walker will blame it on either
a)the democrats
b) an unusually terrorist like prison population
c) an inept workforce that is scared to work in a heroic position as a prison guard.
What's sadder than that is he'll get away with it as Darling and Vos stand behind him nodding their heads.

Anonymous said...

They're damn uuuuuuunion thugs. Of course GOP supports sticking it to prison guards! Though Scotty might want to be more careful. When he finally has his "accountability moment" for the criminality behind his ascent to power, he may need prison guards to, you know, smuggle in cigs, booze, and dope.

my5cents said...

So, why aren't the legislators working on a resolution to this problem rather than wasting their time trying to defund Planned Parenthood and prevent them from selling aborted fetuses (which they are not even doing in the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood facilities)? Some of our elected officials have really bad priorities. Why isn't Walker working on a solution to this problem? Is he even capable of coming up with a solution? I am sure he didn't have a follow-up plan to this type of fallout from destroying public unions. So, where is that "great" leadership now? Is he too intimidated to face it? Is there no solution because it doesn't fall into the ALEC playbook? Is there no recourse for ALEC laws that create this type of chaos?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Overloading the prisons and underpaying the staff makes it all the easier to privatize the prisons in the future. Which is something Walker has been in favor of for 20 years.

Any surprise that the "governor from ALEC" would run Corrections not as a way to rehab people who did bad things, but as a scheme to hand over services for corporate profits at taxpayer expense?

Anonymous said...

Nailed it!