Sunday, July 5, 2015

More GOP budget outrages, including forced water sales between communities

Hap tip to the Blue Cheddar blog for listing more of the dictatorial GOP/Walkerite special interest provisions slipped into the budget at the last moment by the GOP-led Joint Committee on Finance and the chairs who should be recalled  for this brazen attack on democracy in Wisconsin- - Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. John Nygren.

Note this major change that pre-empts local water conservation and land use policies statewide by requiring one municipality to extend water and serve service to another community, upon request, that wants it.

This could blow a hole in the Great Lakes Compact and the legitimacy of Wisconsin as an honest steward of waters in the Lake Michigan and Superior watersheds just as  Waukesha's Great Lakes diversion request is primed to be moved to the other seven Great Lakes states and two Canadian provinces because the Compact establishes regional rules for water transfers and emphasizes conservation. 

Developers win! Sprawl everywhere. Border wars and litigation forever. Heads-up, Milwaukee Water Works - - they're coming for you.

And more evidence that Walker and his gang are the champions of Big Government, and always have been despite all the propaganda.

From Blue Cheddar:
#66 Extension of water or sewer service between municipalities(this coupled with the changes in the Madison Sewer and Water + Contemplating the Waukesha wanting water out of Lake Michigan thing – LOOKS BIG)


my5cents said...

You have to know that the forced water sharing was put in the Omnibus Motion 999 only for Waukesha. Some way to govern. Just like their last proposal was aimed directly at the Milwaukee County Executive. I mean what other county in Wisconsin has a 750,000 plus population. NONE! Apparently selective governing is their plan. It doesn't make for a cohesive state-wide plan does it.

Anonymous said...

For Waukesha?

What's the point?

Waukesha does't have a need for Lake Michigan water if the deep aquifer is sustainable. There is no current modeling that says it isn't.

How much has the state spent reviewing the application after 5 years? Seems unfair to state taxpayers that Waukesha has paid a $5000 fee for 5 years worth of Republican sponsored special attention.