Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ex-DA, a Republican, defends GAB against Walker/GOP attack

How shallow and transparently-powergrabby is the Walker/Boss Vos tag-team stranglehold on the non-partisan Wisconsin Government Accountability Board?

Gerald Nichol, a former judge and Republican District Attorney appointed to the embattled GAB which he chairs by Walker himself, is publicly backing the board and its civil service Executive Director Kevin Kennedy against the GOP's coordinated and spiteful assault.


Anonymous said...

I do not understand why anyone wants to stand up for Kennedy and GAB. This organization is complicit with voting irregularities and what can be demonstrated to be fraud. They will not release vote ward data except in aggregated groups. Ward-by-ward data would demonstrate exactly why (and where) anomalies in data, always favoring republicans, comes from.

When there are demonstrations of new proprietary voting systems, Kennedy makes sure that they are at inconvenient times, inconvenient places, and in places where there would not be room to accommodate those in Wisconsin advocating for free, fair, open, verifiable, and transparent elections.

Kennedy is getting what is due. He has played ball with Scott Walker and the republicans on everything that matters. He is far from a nonpartisan civil servant -- he is a republican that did everything but bless blatant violations of Wisconsin campaign laws. Now he is being thrown under the bus.

GAB has serves no legitimate purpose. We are not worse-off if GAB was eliminated. It is a republican organization that looks out for republican issues. Kennedy is not a victim here. He is an enabler. While I would prefer all that enabled Scott Walker's criminal ascent to power be held accountable to the rule of law, I will settle for second-best in this case: Seeing republicans extra revenge against Kennedy even though he supported virtually every other part of republicans hijacking of Wisconsin democracy.

Reformer said...

Anonymous has no idea whatsoever at all about what he is talking about. Not a single sentence in any of the four paragraphs he has written has an ounce of truth or fact in it. Not about Kevin Kennedy and not about the GAB.

It is amazing that anyone would go to the trouble of posting such a heap of total misinformation and crap.

Anonymous said...

Reformer has obviously not gone to GAB. Reformer must also dismiss everyone that has concerns about election integrity. Kennedy is a partisan politician in a partisan position at one of the state's most partisan agencies. He crossed Walker on John Doe, but stood down when Command Central not only brought "free" voting machines into the state, but when election laws were blatantly violated by destruction of data that the law mandated be retained for a certain period of time.

File a complaint with GAB and you will quickly discover, they do not and never have existed to protect the public from corruption and illegal campaign & election tactics -- especially when concerns are about FELLOW republicans.

Perhaps reformer forgets the key role Kennedy played in legitimizing the stolen Prosser/Kloppenburg election of 2011: