Thursday, July 23, 2015

Looks like WI DNR got this appointment right

With the City of Waukesha's long-stalled and controversial application for a diversion of Great Lakes water about to move into local hearings, then to further DNR review, and most likely in several months to additional scrutiny by Canadian officials and the other seven Great Lakes governors, it makes sense for the agency to promote the in-house official responsible for the application's technical reviews to date.

This email circulated at the DNR today from Mike Bruhn, Assistant DNR deputy secretary:
Good afternoon DNR Staff,

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Eric Ebersberger as Deputy Administrator of DNR’s Water Division. Eric has proven himself an excellent leader with the right combination of personal dedication and technical knowledge we need to advance the work of the entire department.

Eric has impressive knowledge of water issues and a strong appreciation for the important relationships we have with the many organizations and institutions that have a stake in our region’s water resources.  A prime example is his work on the Waukesha water diversion application, where he has helped us skillfully navigate an issue that is both complex and of intense public interest. 

Eric Joined DNR as a water resources LTE in 1994, worked as an M&B budget and policy analyst, as a DNR attorney and most recently served as chief of the Division’s Water Use Section, which is responsible for implementing regulatory programs related to the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact.  He holds a law degree from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul and a Master of Science degree in water resources management from UW-Madison.

In addition to his work at DNR, Eric spent several years as a fiscal analyst with the Legislative Fiscal Bureau and we expect this background in budgeting and policy work will be particularly helpful as we focus on maximizing the value we bring to our customers.  In his spare time, Eric enjoys hiking, biking and paddling.

We are grateful for all he has done to date and look forward to his continued contributions in this new role!  


Negative Nelly said...

Looks like WiDNR got this appointment right . . . . unless Ebersberger is being moved up to get him out of the way for approval of Waukesha's water diversion which he might not have been willing to sign off on . . . . OR, in exchange for his promotion. . .

You can't trust the DNR to do anything right these days-- if they do 'get it right' it can only be by accident.

Boxer said...

Another DNR Barbie press release. Lots! of! perky! exclamation! points! to! create! a sense of fun! and excitement!