Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trump is the GOP and Fox News' Karmic reward

How sweet it is.

Fox and the Republican Party have collaborated for years, shouting down while providing right-wingers with a national TV platform from which to loudly broadcast their self-serving, corporate money-worshipping message.

Now one of that corporate elite - - real estate mogul, political TV pop star and self-serving promoter extraordinare Donald Trump - - will turn the tables and hijack the first GOP debate of the presidential season - - on Fox.

Republican candidates like their billionaires - - but as check-writers, not rivals who upend the deal and use their money against career-politician check-recipients like Scott Walker (who took $10,000 from Trump), Rick Perry, and the like.

Sounds fair and balanced to me.

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mad as hell said...

The GOP will never ever allow Trump to be THE Candidate for president when this show finally picks a candidate. Just like the Democratic party would never allow Sanders to up end Hillary and run for president.However at this time I enjoy nothing more than seeing Bernie and Don making the party bosses lose their mind over their popularity and threaten their control.