Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rural WI voted for Walker, pay the price

Rural residents - - including those who generally provided Scott Walker healthy margins in statewide elections - - and took for granted the host of traditional services they could receive through the UW-Extension system find themselves today delivered unceremoniously to Underthebusland.

That's unpleasant, newly-crowded place in Wisconsin formerly reserved for icky moochers like transit riders, land conservationists, UW faculty, public school teachers, union workers, DNR scientists, women seeking health services, food stamp recipients and others of the big-city, even Democratic persuasion - - real or imagined: 
The $5.2 million reduction, part of the state budget passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Scott Walker, represents 8% of the state funding for the UW Extension, an agency with multiple missions including bringing research and knowledge from the university system to communities lacking a four-year campus.
It's the largest cut ever in state support for the UW Extension...

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MadCityVoter said...

Ray Cross should honor his promise and resign. This budget is a disgrace to Wisconsin, the UW System, and the UW "leadership" that thanked the Legislature for screwing over public higher education, shared governance, tenure, professors, staff and students. Get out now, Ray, before you get caught in the stampede for the exits.