Thursday, July 30, 2015

Germany's renewable energy success exposes WI, Walker failures

And you thought an industrialized economy - - like Wisconsin's - - that has harsh winters and rainy cloudy skies couldn't make great use of solar and wind energy?

Look to Germany, shattering records.

Wake up, Wisconsin - - and America - - about Walker, Wisconsin and its hostility to renewable energy:
Report: Wisconsin utilities lead in fighting solar energy 
Wisconsin lags on renewable energy
Walker kills project to convert power plant to biofuels
Walker wants to end funding for renewable energy
Wisconsin not among wind power leaders
State Commission backs electric rate hikes, 'solar tax'
Wisconsin left way, way behind in wind energy boom 
Walker's false energy statement at Iowa ag summit
Though Walker is campaigning heavily in Iowa, (the wind farm above is south of I-80 in western Iowa), he has not publicized there his ideological opposition to alternative energy in Wisconsin.

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Anonymous said...

Gov. Scott Walker just got another FALSE from PolitiFact. This one should have been a Pants-On-Fire lie. Even Walkers biggest in-state promoter cannot find much that this koch-tool says that isn't a lie:

Says his political opponents "brought 100,000 protesters into our state."

And while not rated by PolitiFact, Scott Walker has been telling pants-on-fire lies about his role in destroying Wisconsin's open records law.

Email links Scott Walker to open records changes

The important story that neither the national media nor in-state media are yet willing to tell is that Scott Walker is a remarkably dishonest politician, really a sociopathic liar. It is absolutely disgraceful that he has a chance at "winning" the White House in 2016.

The media needs to start telling the truth in a coherent manner. Scott Walker, by hook or crook, can be catapulted into the Presidency and the dishonest media coverage he consistently gets appears to be a "tell" that we will see an illegitimate 2016 election that will make the stolen election of 2000 look like kiddie-play. Think it can't happen? Please see the links below:

Video 1. Recall the Recall Truth: Walker Stole That Election

Blog post with sourcing/resourcing links:

Transcript with graphics

Video 2. The Media & Scott Walker's November 2014 Election Fraud

Blog Post with sourcing/resourcing links:

Transcript with graphics