Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Walker no 'uniter,' nor 'Midwestern nice'

Wisconsin knows the absurdity - - and the sly, propagandistic intent - - of that 'uniter' claim.

Imagine if Donald Trump said the same thing.

Or Chris Christie.

National media and perhaps even other GOP candidates would pull out the videos and the box quotes to ridicule, lambaste and otherwise attack its intellectual and historical dishonesty.

But Walker-the-low-key-preacher's son, the King of Political Passive Aggressive, has consistently been allowed to hide behind one artifice, "Midwestern nice"- - details and contradictions here, and despite a record to the contrary.

And now wants to play another political Super Hero, The Uniter.

Walker is every bit as divisive, negative and power-hungry as Donald Trump or Chris Christie, but he's more more likely to sneak up and shape-shift on you because he doesn't make as much noise.

Jimmy Fallon the other night said we all know Walker - - your buddy who tattles to the teacher.

Props to The Washington Post's conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin for catching Walker trying to wear The Boy Scout mask.

If only more media would pick up the ball and run with it.

Here's the guide.

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my5cents said...

I read the comment below on this site:

"The town hall attendee [in Cedar Rapids, Iowa] asked for the microphone to pose this question to newly announced presidential candidate Scott Walker: Americans are fed up with the partisan gridlock in Washington, so what would he do as president to “end the partisanship and parochialism that is really stifling this great country”?"

"Responding to the question, Walker told the Iowan that as far as he’s concerned, the real problem is Washington’s ability to function. “What I think people are hungry for from their leaders in Washington – or the lack of leadership in Washington – is they want people who just tell them what they’re going to do and then they go off and do it,” the governor said."

He said he would govern the whole U.S. just like he has done in Wisconsin. He is the imperial leader and makes all the decisions whether you like them or not. No, we don't want someone to TELL us what they are going to do and then do it. We want a democracy, not an authoritarian dictatorship. His solution in Washington is to bark orders and expect them to be carried out no questions or discussion. This is the Scott Walker that Americans across the country need to get to know.