Monday, July 20, 2015

Headline rewrite: 'Taxpayers should fix my WEDC mess'

Alternative to:
Scott Walker calls for legal steps to recover bad state loans
Step two, after quitting the agency and board he created and chaired which made the bad loans. 


Anonymous said...

So disappointed with Barca and Shilling, as Executives on the WEDC Board, for not filing suit in court, alleging fraud by Walker, WEDC Execs, and, GOP members of the Board.

Anonymous said...

They don't even have to allege fraud, just that they failed their fiduciary duties. Bar a really has no integrity and on anything to do with wedc. In the end, we have corrupt Republicans and puts Dems.

Aunt Bee said...

Journal Sentinel covers for him once again. Like they're doing by downplaying the "is gay a choice?" story, which shows he's SO FAR out of the mainstream. But give them a story like Mary Burke "plagiarizing" a jobs plan that was actually a plan (compared to Walker's nothing plan), they run with it for days.