Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trump is a dope; Walker, a danger

The problem with Donald Trump is that he's an unskilled but attention-grabbing political blowhard - - so media, from Jon Stewart to Charlie Rose who gave him air time live on the CBS evening News Monday - - see him as ratings gold.

But Trump is never going to get the GOP nomination or be President of the United States - - but Scott Walker, a savvy, seasoned politician with organization, ground troops, Holy Guidance, but without a conscience - - just might.

And that is why media should be focused on Walker the Warmonger, not Trump the carnival barker.

Inferring he'd bomb Iran on the first day of his Presidency and throw the world into mortal chaos is far more serious than anything Trump has said during his self-promoting fun and games.

Media are letting Trump give Walker cover.

At our peril.


Anonymous said...


mad as hell said...

When the clown car has finally emptied and the lights go dark on all the side shows it's gonna be Clinton vs Bush. That's what the plutocrats want and that's what they will get. They have the money and they pull the strings!
All these other clowns are there to give you the illusion that this is a democracy. Since Citizens Untied it's been nothing but a money orgy.

Walker's a goof and the moneyed interest know it. Walker thinks he's Jesus's brother. He will take some severe political beatings and losses and slips of the twisted tongue at the end the Great American Clown Revue before he excuses himself.

It's gonna be Clinton vs Bush.

Anonymous said...

Walker is a danger. He can be hoisted into the White House by hook or crook. His cousin (and that is exactly the way Scott Walker and George WALKER Bush refer to each other in public) was fraudulently placed into the White House in 2000 by the SCOTUS, halting legitimate and legal vote counts which ultimately showed Al Gore won Florida that year and therefor the U.S. Presidential election.

You state: "Media are letting Trump give Walker cover."

It is worse than that. Media is actively promoting Walker, via lies of commission and omission (you are pointing out the later). Because the media is promoting Walker in both ways (direct lies and refusing to cover important stories) this is not happenstance. It is not a coincidence that Walker gets pure propaganda published as news (i.e. Last week's report that he was still a small-town-guy from Delavan, NOT!) all across America, while the same media refuses to mention objectively verifiable statements Walker makes that are extremely divisive and even dangerous.
When, a few years ago, the media across America consistently promoted Paul Ryan as a "policy wonk" and "numbers guy", it was clear he was being groomed for something big. Then Mitt Romney put him on the presidential ticket. If one recalls the kind of press George WALKER Bush got when he entered the presidential primary in 2016, it was also clear the media was grooming him for the White House. In fact, his republican opponents that year had to essentially fold as the media attention and money all went to W.

So when reflecting on the pure propaganda that is promoting Scott Walker (lies of commission and lies of commission), it is critical to realize that this serves a purpose. This is being done so that, by hook or crook, he can be placed in the White House when the current administration is a lame-duck and will not protect the integrity of U.S. elections.

The fix was in for Bush in 2000 and demonstrably in 2004 when John Kerry lead the election on the night of the election until Ohio computer vote tabulation systems crashed and, when they came back online, had flipped for Bush. George WALKER Bush made such a mess crapping on America and the world, that it wasn't feasible to hijack the 2008 election.
The fix was in for Romney in 2012, but a last minute court order in Ohio prevented any hanky-panky. Had the numbers out of Ohio looked questionable that year, a Judge ordered, on the day of the election, that the entire state of Ohio would be subject to a hand-counted recount. This is why Karl Rove melted down and threw a temper tantrum on election night, insisting that Ohio was going to again flip for the republicans after racking up a large victory for the democratic candidate. The details are here:

Did an Election Day Lawsuit Stop Karl Rove's Vote-Rigging Scheme in Ohio?

Independent analysis demonstrates that Scott Walker did not win the 2012 recall or the 2014 campaign. Election fraud in America is real:

How trustworthy are electronic voting systems in the US? (scroll down for Walker analysis)
Wisconsin 2014 Governor True Vote/Exit Poll Analysis Indicates Fraud

More in Richard Charnin's book, Matrix of Deceit:

Richard is writing about how the public and elections are manipulated at his blog, please consider following:

Anonymous said...

Could Walker have negotiated a deal with Iran? Walker has a history of not negotiating anything, with anyone. How dangerous would it be to have a president who is unwilling or unable to negotiate?

Anonymous said...

I think the Bush remark about Walker lacking maturity is an important observation. Time and again, Walker makes a statement or gives a response to a question that comes across as uninformed, childish, or as Bush said, immature. Many people have pointed out his "word salad" explanations of things, his inability to answer fairly easy questions, his almost complete reliance on memorized talking points, and his propensity to say really stupid things that need to be corrected by his spokeswomen when he gets off his talking points. I think these things do point to a lack of maturity. And his personality is that of a vindictive middle school bully combined with being a transparent liar. He tells lies that any parent can see right through. In some ways, Scott Walker is just a childish bully with older and bigger friends.

Walker has never really grown up- he is the same competitive kid who hit the ground running in politics when he entered Marquette and has been obsessed with winning elections ever since. The problem is, that's apparently all he has been interested in- not finishing college, not traveling or learning about the world, not developing interests that don't serve his political ambitions... nothing. That's why he sounds so utterly childish when, for example, reporting on what he's discovered about the world on his campaign "trade missions"; it's all new to him.

Walker's led a very sheltered life and simply does not have a healthy, informed, well-rounded perspective on the world. So yes, he's immature. He's a self centered and dangerous combination of ruthless and clueless.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

THIS ^^^ is an excellent comment. Scotty really is like an adolescent, which makes sense, given that he's never had a real job since his teen years, and likely has never had to deal with tough times economically or in his home life.

He's pathetically in over his head on the national stage as a result.