Saturday, July 18, 2015

Under Walker, WI lags on renewable energy

A concentrated, intentional avoidance by Walker of wind, solar, and other renewable power sources that is right out of the Koch brothers, ALEC and WMC play books has dragged Wisconsin to 30th place nationally among the states and behind neighboring Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota, the Journal Sentinel reports.

His environmental record has been tracked on this blog - - hence it's name - - and is covered in depth, here.


Anonymous said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

You mean Scott Walker's biggest promoter and right-wing sycophant is reporting this! Come on, the OWN this mess and have no credibility crying, "geee! Look what Scott Walker did!!!!!"

I read their report very different. It's actually a big F$%# YOU

Anonymous said...

So why did MJS endorse Walker repeatedly for governor? No one should buy this rag and I don't know why anyone wants to link to it. You could have gone to their source for the rankings, yet instead you link to Walker's biggest propaganda rag.


utzinger said...

The Journal Sentinel is carefully reporting the facts without commenting on the cause. It is presented as a positive (we met renewable energy targets for 2015). The negatives are downplayed (dropping from 19th to 30th among states in green leadership). The changes installed by Scott Walker and the republicans which are disincentives for solar, wind and bicycles are responsible for the fall in clean tech leadership in the states. The impact will not show up in a major way compared to other states for a few years. The MJS choose not to comment on why Wisconsin fell so far.

Anonymous said...


Well stated. It is very clever propaganda by design. They publish just enough that those on the other side of the political spectrum are misdirected and may even falsely believe that MJS is providing fair and balanced coverage. They are not, never have, and never will!

The narrative created consistently and daily puts Walker's spin on everything. A few nuggets of truth come out from time to time, inconvenient facts for Walker. But just like you say, these points are always presented as positive as possible; negative aspects of the truth are downplayed; and such reports are disconnected and, as you say, presented without commenting on the cause.

All good propaganda has an element of truth. No one at MJS deserves any kudos for anything that gets published about Scott Walker. The overall pattern is clear, they are in Walker's corner and have done more to create our divide-and-conquer governor than any other media outlet.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason so few speak out truthfully about Walker's impact is because he is very well connected and will do things to undermine those who expose him. Walker is ruthless, but pretend he is the guy next door. Walker is nothing more than an incredibly talented Grifter.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Your last sentence sums it up perfectly. And much of the media gets a piece of the grift in the form of campaign ads.