Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Walker; not Reagan, but the new Palin

[Updated 3:45 p.m.] All the staffers whom Walker hired to groom and re-package him into something he isn't - - Presidential - -   have to understand the problems he's creating for them and the GOP's identity after Walker blew all his campaign announcement preparation with two Palinesque grubby panders on the same day to Fox's Sean Hannity and his far, far-right audience:

*  Dismissing the minimum wage as a "really lame" idea, and then…

*  Side-stepping Donald Trump's racist rant against Mexicans with a smug, smiling punt.

It's a Walker we have seen time and time again in Wisconsin, but now the rest of the country begins to get the picture.

Midwestern nice, right? Heads up.


my5cents said...

He does a lot of that smug, smiling, and punting. I am so glad I skipped his speech on Monday night. The TV was muted for the part of it I did see, and his facial expressions, and smug look told me all I needed to know. He was feeding all the red meat he could muster to his base as I have since learned. But what he did with his vetoes to the budget took great audacity. To deliberately silence the people is beyond anything anyone in a democracy could possibly stomach. I transcribed some of his interview with Hannity and that was the greatest garbled mess of ideas and words I have typed up for some time. His consistent use of "we" when the only person pushing the so-called reforms he has put in place was himself, or I. People need to note how often he uses WE in place of I and asked him who the we are. Ask him who exactly is he talking about when he says we.

my5cents said...

One more thing I would like to know is where does he get off even pretending he cares about people, education, and skills for a better job when he doesn't believe in a living wage? When he says, "we need to talk about how to get people the skills and qualifications they need to take on careers that pay far more than the minimum wage," he doesn't know what he is talking about. First of all not everyone wants that type of a career, or has the ability to succeed at it, but does that mean they should not get to earn a living wage with the skills they do have? I sure don't know who screwed this guys head on, but I think they need more training.

MadCityVoter said...

I wonder if he even understands that if you flood a limited employment market with a large number of workers who have the same set of specialized skills then wages will go down. Just because these are high wage jobs now, or were ten years ago, doesn't mean they will continue to be -- employers will pay as little as they can for the workers they need, and in the absence of unions to give them some bargaining power employees will take what they are offered or leave the state for greener pastures. It's happening now -- declining wages, departing workers. But of course Walker the Electable is all about the rhetoric, not the results. That's what 20 years in politics with no accomplishments beyond tricking the electorate from office to office to office is all about.