Friday, July 31, 2015

SE WI 'Free'[Sic]way' boondoggle extends to inflated study costs

Props to long-time transportation watchdog Gretchen Schuldt for following the escalating costs of studying the escalating scope of the escalating I-94 boondoggle expansion from the Marquette Interchange, past Miller Park and Story Hill to the eastern end of the even-more expensive Zoo Interchange boondoggle.

And let's not forget that Walker made the successful motion on a key planning committee to recommend expansion of the entire SE 'Free'[Sic]way system to its most expensive 'improved' alternative - - 127 miles of new lanes, at a The Full Boondoggle cost of $6.4 billion in 2003 dollars, which has helped drain the state transportation fund and trigger costly borrowings.

With no transit expansion, other than what a federal judge ordered for the Zoo Interchange project after all the so-called planning had ended and construction had begun.

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