Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Selling the new-and-improved Walker

His campaign says he's running as a "uniter."

Clearly, the campaign wants you to forget Walker's "divide-and-conquer" video, his three slash-and-burn budgets, a war against women, cities, open government, the poor and the environment, plus various drafting errors and dropped bombs - - basically his entire record.

From the Journal Sentinel - - a paper which repeatedly endorsed Walker - - a fresh editorial, headline and accurate image-assignment which the Walker campaign knows it has to overcome:
The ever divisive Scott Walker
Richard Nixon's ad and media team had to create 'the new Nixon' to sell to the American people a long time ago.

So Walker - - the new, new Nixon - - is already testing a new Walker ID.

Beware of new-and-improved candidates in fresh wrappers.


Anonymous said...

The true test of this statement will be the next Marquette University poll.

In earnest, I cannot believe he has not resigned to campaign full time before the poll is taken and the results released.

Fox News hammered him on nation TV with the last poll.

my5cents said...

Of course he's a divider. Just look at what he told the 13 year-old Mexican girl in Iowa when she asked if he would withdraw his support for the DAPA lawsuit. He said, "No," that he couldn't withdraw his support for the lawsuit because you have to follow the law. When asked if he would deport their father, all he said was that Obama had two years with a democratic congress to pass immigration reform and he didn't do it. He basically put the blame on Obama even though the Republicans have had every opportunity to pass a comprehensive immigration law in the past three years and have refused to do it. He still believes it's okay to divide people since he could give no concrete answer to her question. He commented that "you have to follow the law" numerous times rather than give her an actual solution to the problem. He has no answers. He stayed on script.

Anonymous said...

Funny, MJS!?!?!?!?!

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

They occasionally publish stuff like that, but the pro-Walker pieces greatly outweigh a truthful report or editorial like this. Politifact did just give Walker another MOSTLY FALSE:

Walker: If women seeking an abortion see their ultrasound, odds are pretty high they will keep baby

Is Walker's biggest in-state media booster turning around? I doubt it, there was lots of pro-Walker talking points misrepresented as news the past week. We'll see, but thanks for pointing this one out.

Many of us have ceased turning to MJS for real news (and more should stop). Without your post today, I would never have seen this.

jg said...

Walker's campaign must feel confident they can make him into whatever they want. After all, he is pretty much a blank slate in the other 49 states. The best chance to counter this fiction of Walker the "uniter" and the rest of the his campaign's grotesquely false image building lies with his primary opponents. But the question is- are his opponent's campaign staffs smart enough to come up with attack ads, talking points, and "zingers" for the debates convincing enough to deflate the Walker balloon and knock him out of contention?

Most voters, especially Republicans, aren't going to listen to warnings from Democrats or spend time getting to know the truth about Walker unless they see it on cable and network news. And it's up to Walker's Republican primary opponents to make Walker's real story in Wisconsin news so that it makes it to those corporate media outlets. Heck, if Walker's opponents would just spend some time on this site they would have all the Walker "dirt" they need to get the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

"The first step is we're going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because you use divide and conquer." -- Scott Walker, Jan. 18, 2011

Imagine that quote displayed on billboards in key campaign states . . .