Tuesday, July 28, 2015

GOP '16 leaders a matched, 'mostly false' pair

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Anonymous said...

This is a bogus post. Donald Trump's rating is dubious. Walker's assertion of a surplus is entirely false. How much it is off is subject to interpretations and number fudging. Walker's rating is generous and could have been a pants-on-fire lie as he is clearly using misleading data cherry picked to suit his political agenda instead of the type of "gold standard" he advocated for (and misused) in 2014.

Please don't play the false equivelency game. Scott Walker is a much more dangerous and dishonest candidate than Donald Trump. Scott Walker is capable of and often does make the kind of brash outrageous statements that Trump gets.

The difference? The in-state media and most of the national media catapult Walker's propaganda and ignore his inflammatory remarks. Trump? No more divisive and brash, but always covered by the same media shills that prop up Scott Walker.