Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Residency rule heads to WMC/WI Supreme Court

[Updated] Anything that could remotely undermine Walker, like undoing his party's special-interest attack on cities, and Milwaukee, has little chance of getting past the corporately-reinforced impenetrable right-wing bloc of Gableman, Roggensack, Prosser and Gableman.

Every time those four corrode democracy in Wisconsin by wielding their Official Walker Rubber Stamp of Approval --  whether validating Act 10 and voter ID or killing the John Doe probe - - the public gets another reason to work harder to end one-party rule in the state and restore the crumbling credibility of the once-proud Wisconsin Supreme Court.

But props to the City of Milwaukee for making a strong, democratic case for the basics lost in these dark years of Walker-era GOP central planning - - home rule, tax revenues and local control - - especially as it applies to Milwaukee, the state's largest city.

Here is a link to today's successful Appeals Court ruling, and what will no doubt soon land in the right-wing Supreme Court.

The attack on Milwaukee residency's rule was the brainchild of anti-city, Republican suburbanite right-wing talk show favorites, like State Senators Alberta Darling of River Hills and Wauwatosa's Lea Vukmir - - reliable water carriers for the Milwaukee Police Association and their members who, for years, wanted to be able to move out of the city which paid them to protect its residents and property..

The suburbanites' legislative districts and home values directly benefited by the mandated-from-Madison end of the residency rule - - robbing the city of the option to negotiate it - - as Milwaukee public employees moved to the suburbs with solid middle-class salaries and job stability provided by Milwaukee taxpayers.

And, of course, there is Walker, who loves to stick it to the city that made his life miserable as he used the office of Milwaukee County Executive to launch his bid for higher offices.

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