Monday, July 20, 2015

He knows the mindset of an impregnated pre-teen. Walker '16

[Updated] Walker brags in Iowa that people like him because he gets things done.

That is Walker-talking-point-talk for authoritarian-dividing-and-conquering.

The latest evidence?

In Wisconsin, today, his getting things done - - especially to please a fundamentalist Iowa base - - is signing a broad, surely unconstitutional bill making it law that a woman in Wisconsin who is impregnated through rape, even by a relative, and even if the pregnancy threatens her life, shall not be allowed a legal abortion beyond 20 weeks after conception.

Because the 20-week abortion timeline is no-exception-absolute, for all pregnancies, despite the federal protection in Roe v. Wade.

And the doctor who would perform that legal abortion shall go to felony prison.

Because, you know, Walker knows that pregnancy for a rape victim is only an issue in the first few months of her pregnancy, as CBS News reported.

After that, rainbows and unicorns and baby showers, I suppose.

Walker knows this law will be immediately challenged, enjoined and ultimately struck down in Federal court, but he doesn't care about stage-managing such a craven spectacle, because he's only using the issue and state power in Wisconsin to further his Iowa campaign and preposterous run for the Presidency.

Interesting, too, that by his own admissions, Walker doesn't know a lot, but he knows the mindset and needs of, say, a 12-year-old girl raped and impregnated by her older brother.

How is that Walker can say the most inflammatory and insensitive things, but not get national excoriation, as did Todd Akin?

Or sign grossly anti-woman legislation - - dating back to the mandatory ultrasound bill, and warring against Planned Parenthood - - but escape the "Governor Ultrasound" label that so quickly was affixed to former-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell?

Walker '16.


Anonymous said...

What a buffoon! If Walker was truly guided by religion, morals and ethics he would have passed a law banning all abortion. This law will only potentially save the lives of 80 "unborn". What about the 7000 other "unborn" that fall into the pre 20 week category? Walkers a hypocrite. He sacrificed his religious, moral and ethical beliefs for a few votes. What a pig!

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing to see you constantly label Walker's chances at being the GOP nominee "preposterous". Someone in the clown car is going to get it or we will see a brokered convention which means the Republicans will go back to Mitt Romney. There is nothing other than empty rhetoric that says Walker has no chance and the polling data certainly says he does have a chance.

And support from Koch? Remember, Paul Ryan made it on the 2012 ticket at the Koch's insistence (and a lot of money to Mitt).

Does it make you feel better to deny reality and proclaim Walker cannot be the nominee? The presidential election, when Clinton was finishing out his term as a lame-duck, was hijacked in 2000.

Why do you think empty, borderline boastful statements that we are not actually seeing Scott Walker consistently lead or be at the top of polls is helpful in motivating people to work-hard to defeat Walker at the ballot box (federal and state level)?

I just don't get why some ignore reality and yet think people should value their analysis and reporting.

Anonymous said...

I about choked on my coffee when reading this Walker quote (from JS Online) when signing the EXTREME 20-weeks-no matter-what abortion bill:

"At five months, that's the time when that unborn child can feel pain," Walker said. "When an unborn child can feel pain, we should be protecting that child."

Oh, I see. Scott Walker wants "we" to protect the unborn. This from a dog-rabid anti-government ideologue. So, we care about the unborn. But no one or nothing else.

What about after birth, Scottie? What about helping those who need help then?

Your ethics stink to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

What he also wants to talk about how out of touch the SCOTUS so that he can imply his appointees (if he is elected POTUS) will be better. Take that Hillary!

James Rowen said...

To Anon. 4:07 p.m.You distort and misrepresent my position. I call Walker's bid preposterous to describe his arrogance. I rate his nomination chancs as substantial. Why do you think I write to inform?

Anonymous said...

Most use preposterous to mean ridiculously contrary. Yes, Walker's chances are better than average, so the term preposterous is likely to confuse people about what you mean. Thanks for clarification, though it is reasonable to misunderstand how that term is being used.

Your take on Walker's campaign now sounds accurate given your clarification, which also enhances your ability to tell these stories with integrity. I was talking to the editor of Wisconsin Gazette last week and he just poo-pooed the idea that Walker could win the nomination, a very disturbing attitude.

My concern is that we need to knock down the false narrative that it is impossible for Walker to get in the White House. I can't be the only one that misread what you meant with the word preposterous.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Walker even has a chance at the nomination is a sad commentary on the state of our society and nation.

Our way of government and quality of life are being threatened by the 'enemy within'. It's a concerted effort that's been underway for some time now, driven by dark money interests and amoral wanna-be's like Walker. And it's enabled by our legislative and judicial branches of government (both state and federal), the mainstream media (which continue to play the role of watchdogs that don't bark and talking heads that don't dig for the truth), and citizens that don't vote in non-Presidential elections.

The undue influence of money in politics (unlimited campaign donations from anonymous sources and coordinated with the candidates), and infiltration of lobbyists at all levels of government is obscene and dangerous. Time after time, the will of the people continues to be ignored. There was a time when people felt confident that our representatives could be counted on to do the right thing, that justice would prevail, and that our vote counted. But no more. It was a sad day last Thursday when the Wisconsin Supreme Court majority demonstrated for all to see that they too are on the take.

Scott Walker for President? I don't know whether to laugh or cry . . .