Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ultra pols in WI GOP caucus dump another stupid 'budget' idea

Without core values other than 'do-we-have-the-votes?,' Scott Walker's lieutenants have dropped their state pension system oversight power grab which they had sneakily inserted into motion 999, or what I have been calling the Coup Amendment.

You will find that information deep into the updated Journal Sentinel story about Walker's emerging role in the other high-profile non-budget item they all sneaked in via the Coup Amendment - - the attack on Wisconsin's long-standing Open Records law, a pillar of the state's democracy.

Media and voters paying any attention to how Walker put this budget should remember Walker brags he's an experienced decison-maker, exercising authority over people and process, so observers should should see what is happening here as a harbinger of how he might govern nationally - - by secrecy, denial, evasion and silence as has been his practice - - should disaster occur and he's given the White House, military and federal budget to fumble.

Problem is that there are many other items remaining in the budget through the Coup Amendment, like reducing Milwaukee County Board authority over selling O'Donnell Park and other, non-park property sales, barring Dane County from local water planning, removing Dane County's power to require extra insurance against tar sand pipeline spills, forcing a $200 million WisDOT office building onto Madison's West side without local zoning oversight, forcing local governments to supply water to another unit of government that asks for it, and more.

It's hard to keep up with what is still tucked in there with so much attention paid to all the crap that needs to go.


Anonymous said...

governance by gish-gallop

my5cents said...

There is a ton of crap in there that needs to get flushed. I didn't read all of it, but I read enough to see that the majority of it has nothing to do with Wisconsin's budget and should not be in there. If those arguments can't stand on their own merit for an up and down vote, then they should be stricken. Most, if not all of it is pork and pertains to one party only and/or to their special interests and not to the people of the state.

MadCityVoter said...

Motion 999 needs to be scrapped in its' entirety, followed by every other scrap of no-fiscal nonsense in the budget, the money-laundering scheme that runs funds for private voucher schools through the State public school student aid program, the defunding of State parks, the attack on DNR scientists and UW professors, and slow starvation of our state's #1 economic engine, the UW System. With an economic impact of $24 for every $1 the State invests, I say take the money from WEDC, give it to UW; take the money from the Bucks, give it to the UW. If Bucks fans want a new stadium they can pay a $5.00 per ticket stadium tax. Raise the gas tax and pay for roads instead of borrowing. And take the damn Medicaid money that we WI taxpayers are already paying to the Federal government as part of our Federal taxes. Politics certainly makes people stupid. That's our money on the table, you fools -- pick. it. up!

Anonymous said...

All of motion 999 should be removed in mass and never to see the light of day. The 12 on JFC who included this should form a coalition to remove all of motion999 as retribution for attempting to install a secret government.